DF65TT Round 10 Day 2

Day 2 dawned with sun, but sadly no wind.  A postponement was called by the RO and we waited for the breeze to fill in.  By 11:00 there was  gentle SSW breeze sufficient to allow racing to start by 11:10.  After a few had decided not to attend or leave early only 16 boats took to the water in a light and patchy 2 to 5 knots.  We completed an additional 4 races before breaking for lunch, with a breeze that was at times nearly straight down the lake, perhaps helped by a bit of sea breeze adding to the gradient.  John and Peter continued their tussle for the overall lead, with John getting the upper hand in this first session, winning two races to Peters one, with one race tie as the finish judge was unable to split the pair as they crossed the finish line.

After lunch, a further 4 races were completed, although the breeze could shut off at any point and one race was abandoned and break taken before racing continued.  John continued to dominate this final session, with 3 wins, and Tony Sedgwick getting a win in the final race, having had some other excellent results over the weekend, but previously missing out on a win.

This gave a podium of John Tushingham in first, Peter Baldwin in second, with Dave Burke in third.  We had a great weekend of A+ sailing, and thanks go to the Race Officer John Brierley assisted by Dave Williams (Sat), Neil Westbrook, Malcolm Harvey and Judith all helping to run the racing, plus Jocelyn and Chris in the galley keeping everyone fed and watered throughout both days from early in the morning to the end of racing.

Final Results are:

DF65TT Round 10 Day 1

The day started with little or no wind, but a light breeze picked up after RO John Brierley had given his briefing and so Race 1 got underway soon after 10:00.  However, the breeze dropped during the race and the fleet was well spread by the time the leaders finished and the RO called a temporary halt and we restarted after about an hour when the breeze had picked up to a nice WNW breeze of about 5 knots.  We managed 5 races before taking lunch, with John Tushingham taking three wins, plus John Carlin and Peter Baldwin one each.  After lunch, a total of 11 further races were completed (with one break) before the cut-off time of 17:30. In this session there were five different race winners.  Peter took the lions share of seven race wins, with Dave Burke, Alan Watkinson, Simon Fairman and John Tushingham with one each.  Special mention to newcomer to the sport, Tony Sedgwick, who was unlucky to lose out in one race ending up second to Peter on the final leg into the finish having led for a good part of the race.

Racing on Saturday (c) Dave Williams

Results at the end of day 1 are as follows:


DF95 Summer 2023 #3 – 12/8/23

A fine sunny day at Gautby Road, nine DF 95 sailors keen to race but a horrendous wind kept them guessing as to the best way to tackle the usual two lap course starting from the Clubhouse end. The wind varied from overpowering to moments of nothing. It was imperative to anticipate the wind, to gain the start advantage. John Brierley always pushing did fall foul of the start line judge but generally no recalls. Up to tea break it was John or Alan taking the wins between them although after the break it was John who dominated. Andrew was unable to come to grips with his 95 so after the mainsail collapsed he retired to the Clubhouse to sort it, then returned to put in four good races. Clive had consistent races to gain third place.

A good afternoon sailing with twelve races and very close scoring.  Photos courtesy of Dave Williams.

  1. John Brierley          11pts 7wins
  2. Alan Watkinson   15pts 5wins
  3. Clive Warren         32pts
  4. John Carlin             41pts
  5. Andrew Peter        42pts 2X 2nds
  6. Dave Williams      42pts
  7. Neil Westbrook    43pts
  8. Frans King             56pts 2 x 3rds
  9. John Beech           56pts

IOM Summer 2023 #5 15/7/23

The weather forecast on Saturday was for a lot of weather to happen. As it was we had a bit of rain, not a lot of sun and Mrs Jones at No 30 opening and closing her back door at regular intervals. (Translated means a squally day through the houses) It was an afternoon of snakes and ladders. John started the afternoon with a bit of Welsh fire, but faded with the weather after some gear issues. Bill was well Bil = 2 wins along with some average scores. Alan was a consistent top 3. Neil and Alan battled all afternoon wtth Neil winning the battle on countback. Charles’ scores were much improved after a Bernie inspired tea break.  Martin though nailed the leeward side of the course to come out on top overall.
12 races were completed
1st  Martin Roberts     11 pts
2nd Bill Culshaw         22 pts
3rd Alan Bennett         25 pts
4th  John Brierley       34 pts
5th  Neil Westbrook   47 pts
6th Alan Watkinson   47 pts
7th Charles Legg          62 pts

DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 12/7/23

  • A blustery day with plenty of incidents, 10 sailors optimistically rigged A+ for the first race, which was subsequently voided, because the score sheet had blown away!  After Race 2, it was obvious a change down to A Rigs was needed, as the gusts increased.  Then after Race 5 a further reduction to B Rig was the only sensible option.

Even so, several sailors suffered Mechanical , Electrical and Rig problems, with a total of 23 RTD’s across the days 8 races.  The Top Marks proved to be a Snagging Ground for many, so we shortened the course for the last 3 races, but made them 2 laps apiece.

After racing, John Carlin donned the waders and discovered over 20 metres of fishing line wound round the top two marks – with a large Carp still unfortunately hooked!  To cap it off – we recovered some domestic waste materials floating in the lake.  Certainly a day to remember – though not necessarily for the best of reasons.

  1. John Carlin                11   7 pts
  2. Neil Westbrook       03 10 pts 2 x 1st
  3. Clive Warren            53 10 pts 1 x 1st
  4. Andrew Peter           19 16 pts 1 x 1st
  5. Jon Whitehead      770 16 pts
  6. Charles Legg             21 24 pts
  7. John Beech                80 30 pts
  8. Frans King                95 43 pts
  9. Richard Walker       39 55 pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey 1019 63 pts

DF/RG65 Summer 2023 #5 (24/6/23)

Six RG65s took part in an enjoyable and often closely fought afternoon of racing across eight two lap races that started at the clubhouse end, saw a beat up to a mark at the far end of the pond to be rounded to port, a nearby spreader also taken to port, and a run down to a single red at the clubhouse end to be taken to port. Owing to the wind direction it was decided to dispense with a downwind gate. For the most part, the course worked as planned but there were a couple races late on in which we found ourselves reaching up to the ‘upwind mark’ and reaching back to the ‘downwind mark’, with some very fluky winds in between. For most of the afternoon the sun shone and the breeze was strong enough to get the boats with their A swing rigs up to a good turn of speed without serious nosediving on the downwind legs. In the end, John Brierley was the runaway winner with Dave Williams to be congratulated on a well earned second place. The results in full are:

  1. John Brierley                    84  Uno                 6 Pts
  2. Dave Williams                  33  Uno               13 Pts
  3. Alan Watkinson               23  Uno               20 Pts
  4. John Carlin                          11  Uno              22 Pts (1 x second)
  5. Charles Legg                     26  Uno              22 Pts
  6. Neil Westbrook                03  Uno              31 Pts