DF65 Social Racing 2024 – 22/5/24

A very, very soggy Gautby Road for the four sailors today with lots of puddles but, on the upside, a chunky N.West breeze blowing straight down the lake from the far end which was just about right for A rig..

There were enough marks in the right places, so sailing was able to get started without any wading. There was no bottom gate, but with so few boats it was agreed to use one mark as a leeward mark.

Despite the rather dismal conditions a very entertaining set of races ensued with some very close racing, and crowded mark roundings despite the small fleet. All the skippers did some rig tuning during the morning with slightly mixed results. Richard’s boat ended up looking much better balanced after some input, while Paul had a more frustrating day with a boat which didn’t quite look happy with the conditions.

It seemed at some points that it might be better to change to A+, but in the end A was probably the best compromise, but the forecast increased wind didn’t materialise.

The small fleet made it interesting to compare upwind v.m.g. with pointing fractionally higher vs. footing quicker.

It was agreed that eight races were enough as we were all soaking wet by then. Starting and scoring was a team effort, with thanks for Paul for bringing the keys so we could get into the clubhouse.

  1. Mike de St Paer        8 pts  4 wins
  2. John Carlin               10 pts  3 wins
  3. Paul Plested             17 pts  1 win
  4. Richard Walker       18 pts

DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2024 – 15/5/24


10 sailors for what was forecast to be a showery morning but ended up totally dry. The wind was nominally from the SE so straight down the lake from the clubhouse end and perfect for A+ rigs. The standard course was used with a windward mark to port, followed by a spreader, down the run to a gate and up to the finish.

Despite what initially appeared to be a reasonably steady and consistent breeze, proved to be anything but, once racing got underway ….. so typical Gautby Rd conditions. Puffs from a more easterly direction lifted those on port tack who had headed to the far bank while those that hit the near bank enjoyed better wind, but a worse direction. With no side proving consistently best it was a coin toss each race as to which way to go.

As the morning progressed, lulls in the wind added to the unpredictability

John had the boat speed to get himself out of trouble most of the time and won with 5 race wins, just narrowly beating Paul with 4 wins. Alan was the only other race winner, as the rest of us played snakes and ladders with the conditions

  1. John Carlin            10 pts 5 wins
  2. Paul Plested          11pts 4 wins
  3. Alan Watkinson   17pts 1 win
  4. Clive Warren         27pts
  5. Andrew Potter      30pts
  6. Richard Walker    38pts
  7. Sally Collings        39pts 1 second
  8. Frans King             39pts
  9. Dave Williams      41pts
  10. Dave Howard        47pts


Another glorious afternoon welcomed the 6 skippers for some social racing. A big welcome to Darren who is a new member and new to sailing and RC sailing, although he has practiced a bit.
The same course as the morning was used and 2 laps were generally set with a couple of exceptions. As is the norm with only a few skippers, self regulation of the starts and first across the finish line records the result. 7 races were sailed.
Darren actually sails a 65 with an A rig but, as this was social sailing, and we’re a social bunch we set a shortened course for him so he could mix it with the big boats and get some valuable experience. So instead of going the full length of the lake from the start he used the outer finishing buoy as his windward mark, before running back down the lake to the gate. This worked well and proved a good handicap
Racing got underway and saw Alan off to a flyer taking the first 2 races, pushed all the way by Clive and Paul. Race 3 and Dave suffered rigging failure before the start and retired from further sailing. The race saw Paul getting into his stride and took the win, Clive second and Darren third. Race 4 and Paul continued his winning ways chased hard by Alan and Frans. Unfortunately Alan had time constraints and had to leave, Paul continued his winning way with his 3rd win in as many races with the ever improving Darren second. The last 2 races were very similar to each other, with the reduced field trying to chase down Darren in the 65, but failing to catch him before the line, another 5 meters and Clive would have had him in race 6 and Paul in race 7. It gave another dimension having the 65 there and I’m sure Darren learnt a lot from the experience.
  1. Paul Plested         10pts  3 wins
  2. Darren                    15pts  2 wins
  3. Clive Warren        15pts
  4. Alan Watkinson  22pts  2wins
  5. Frans King             25pts
  6. Dave Howard        Rtd.

DF95 Summer Series 2024 #2 – 11/5/24

An almost perfect sailing day for the second DF 95 Saturday Summer Series race. Unfortunately, only 8 sailors arrived due to a clash with a sail measuring course at West Kirby and of course the Global DF65 Championship with John Brierley competing, we wish him well.

John Carlin volunteered to set the start line upsetting the fishermen due to walking over their lines but nevertheless he put the start in an excellent position with a good beat down to the windward mark at the Clubhouse end, port to a spreader and then up to a gate past the start line but to one side to avoid the fishing lines then to the finish after two laps in the usual position.

Starting on time Clive took the first race with a comfortable margin followed by John C and Dave W. Race two saw Clive make a rare mistake allowing Dave W to take the win. Clive then got into stride and took the next four races. He did not have his own way with John C, Alan and Neil fighting to beat him.

After a refreshing coffee break for some, Clive faded giving an opening for John C to take the next two races and then the final race to Neil. All the boats were very evenly matched up to the windward mark on the first lap before the leaders started to pull away down wind and then maximise their positions. John B, Dave H and Malcolm were also having good close races with Dave H just picking up sixth due to his third position from John B. Dave W was unfortunate to burn out his steering servo after five races in the top four.

After ten races it was decided to call a halt due to tiredness setting in. Thanks to Malcolm for his score keeping.

  1. Clive Warren         9pts 5 wins
  2. John Carlin           11pts 3 wins
  3. Alan Watkinson  19pts
  4. Neil Westbrook   21pts 1 win
  5. Dave Williams     27pts 1 win
  6. Dave Howard       36pts 1 x 3rd
  7. John Beech            36 pts
  8. Malcolm Harvey 46pts

DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2024 – 8/5/24


A very select band of just 5 sailors raced today.  This was in part due to a number of regulars being away on holiday but may also have been due to the lack of any sort of breeze up until the normal race start time.  The time was occupied going through some tips and adjustments to A+ rig settings before there was a light WNW to NW breeze by 11:15 and racing could begin.  The marks were used in the current positions and with the small fleet size a single windward and leeward mark was opted for with a finish about a third of the way up the lake.

Clive had a cracking start and took wins in the first two races, with Peter chasing hard, but never managing to break through with Frans and Alan taking the other podium spots.  Peter then took the next three race wins with Clive having to settle for second in a couple with Richard Frans and Alan all fighting for the podium spots.  Clive then had a win in race 6 before Peter had wins in the final two.

From what looked like an unpromising start we fitted in 8 races to finish soon after 12:30 with the boats moving at all times, even though there were some holes in the breeze to catch out the unwary.

  1. Peter Baldwin           63   7pts  5 wins
  2. Clive Warren             53  10pts  3 wins
  3. Richard Walker        39  16pts
  4. Alan Watkinson    373  19pts
  5. Frans King                95  25pts


A lovely afternoon greeted the 6 skippers for the afternoon of 95 sailing, the wind remained similar to the morning predominantly from the north west, but with the normal Gautby Rd shifts and holes to catch all the helms out at some stage. A rigs were the order of the day.
The course remained the same as the morning for the first 4 races, then the finish line was moved to the end of the lake to produce a longer beat to the finish. With the small field self marshalling at the start and first over the finishing line recorded the race result and 8 races were sailed with 2 discards.
The first race saw the only blip on Peters scorecard with Clive taking the honours. Race 2 saw Alan pushing Peter all the way to the line with Frans following his 3rd place in the first race with another. Peter continued to read the shifts better than everyone else and finished with a run of 1st places. The minor places were a closely fought battle with Alan, Frans, Martin and Clive all in the mix, with Clive taking 2nd overall with a consistent set of 2nd places and Frans just piping Alan by a point for 3rd overall.
In summary and enjoyable afternoons racing in the sunshine and light breeze with plenty of tuning tips from Peter along the way.
  1. Peter Baldwin     172   6 pts   7 wins
  2. Clive Warren         93  11 pts   1 win
  3. Frans King             59  19pts
  4. Alan Watkinson   23  20pts  (only 6 races)
  5. Martin W-Jones  77  26pts
  6. Dave Howard        00  28pts

DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2024 – 24/4/24


The forecast NE breeze, today, had luckily swung round to a more N/NW direction ensuring the wind was pretty much down the lake with only the odd puff now and then from a more NE direction, which allowed those on the right side of the beats to pick up places.

A+ rigs were selected and despite some reasonably strong puffs they didn’t cause too much carnage downwind.

Starting at the clubhouse end of the lake we sailed to the farthest mark for a port rounding then back downwind through the gate and up to the finish. Start line lulls in the wind provided chaos in a couple of starts otherwise the racing was close with the usual opportunities to make up places if you got the shifts right or lose places if you didn’t

John won convincingly with 5 race wins despite the best efforts of a couple of competitors to slow him down. The next places were very tight with Simon in second on countback and Andrew in third

  1. 11 John  Carlin             13pts 5 wins
  2. 69 Simon Bates          22pts 2 wins
  3. 194 Andrew Potter    22pts 1 win
  4. 53 Clive Warren          23pts 23pts 2 wins
  5. 03 Neil Westbrook     23pts
  6. 233 Dave Williams     32pts
  7. 373 Alan Watkinson  37pts
  8. 00 Dave Howard          52pts
  9. 95 Frans King               53pts
  10. 829 Sally Collings       54pts
  11. 80 John Beech               57pts
  12. 45 Paul Little                 60pts
  13. 39 Richard Walker      66pts


The sun was shinning and a good north westerly breeze welcomed the 9 skippers who turned up for the afternoons racing, which was a good turnout with a number of regulars not available. The same course as the morning was set with the start line at the clubhouse end  of the lake, single windward mark, then straight back to a gate with a beat back to the finish line. The choice of rig for the was A, although a brisk walk was required to keep up with the boats downwind and the breeze meant that shifts rather than holes was the main problem facing the helms. The morning 65 racing had problems with the main starting system and the back up was unavailable so Paul Little used an app on his phone to get us underway. As it turned out Paul can’t multi-task so after 3 races stopped sailing to be our RO for the rest of the day, our thanks go to Paul for this gesture.
9 races were sailed with Clive coming out of the blocks with 3 straight wins, before Alan took the fourth race, after bagging 2 seconds. Neil was also consistent with a couple of second and third places.  There were also some interesting individual battles happening throughout the fleet, with Dave, John B and Frans fighting it out in the middle order.  The second half of the racing Alan and Clive both taking another 2 wins each with Neil getting a win as well. The battle in the middle fleet was also hotting up and saw John B taking a second and 2 thirds and Frans finally finding that bit of extra speed taking 2 seconds.  All in all, a great afternoon for sailing.
Results after 9 races with 2 discards
1.  Clive Warren          10pts   5 wins
2.  Neil Westbrook    19pts   1 win
3.  Alan Watkinson   20pts   3 wins
4.  John Beech            24pts
5.  Frans King             28pts
6.  Dave Howard        32pts
7.  Malcolm Harvey  43pts
8. Martin Whittingham-Jones – retired after 3 races
9.  Paul Little  – retired to be RO

DF95 Summer Series 2024 #1 – 20/4/24

A nice spring day welcomed the 12 skippers who entered the first DF95 summer season, which considering at least 5 regulars were unable to attend for various reasons. A very warm welcome to our new member Ian Davies who showed a good turn of speed throughout the afternoon.
The wind was a light breeze from the north west which swung randomly to be a northerly or westerly at random intervals, providing opportunity for all to gain or loose places all over the course.  As the far end of the lake was in calmness for most of the afternoon, a windward mark ¾ of the way up was used, taken to port with no spreader, so straight back down the lake to a gate before the finishing line half way up the lake. Our RO for the afternoon was Paul Ps better half Sharon who kept us under control. 14 races were sailed mainly single laps but with a couple of 2 lappers thrown in the mix towards the end of the day.  The racing was as always super competitive with 6 different winners and 8 helms finishing in the top 3 at some stage
The first half saw 4 different winners, first race was our new member Ian Davies, taking the honours, and showing that this was no fluke, followed this up with another in race 4. Alan took races 2 and 7, and Paul P races 3 and 5 with Frans race 6. On the heels of the leaders there were some consistent performances by John C, Neil and Clive. S o it was all to play for after the Coffee break.
The second half  saw 2 new names on the score sheet, Clive came out of the blocks with wins in race 8, 10 and 14,  and Neil in 9 and 11 with Alan adding another 2 to his collection from earlier in the day. Paul P and John C again sailing consistently behind the race leaders.
At the end of the session the results were very close as the complete results below show very clearly.