DF65 Social Racing 2024 – 3/7/24

Nine sailors today and just a light breeze from the top of the lake on arrival. Racing started at 11.00am, and by 11.45 we had managed just two races. The normal course was sailed but with using existing marks a long distance spreader. All the starts were well disciplined as to be called over would have been a disaster.

John Carlin led the first race and looked to be on for a certain win until he sailed into a hole, allowing the following boats to catch him with Alan taking his first of two wins. Such was the unpredictability of the wind that two of the races had photo finishes between four boats. After three races and the light wind dropping to zero at times, a final race was decided to enable one discard. Even so, three skippers still had had enough and retired.

  1. Alan Watkinson   4pts 2wins
  2. Dave Williams      6.2pts 1win
  3. Richard Walker   9pts 1win
  4. Frans King             9pts
  5. Charles Legg         9.2pts
  6. John Carlin            15pts
  7. Malcolm Harvey 15.2pts
  8. Paul Little              18pts
  9. David White          23pts

Due to a lack of cooperation from the wind to produce anything to sail with, DF95 racing was cancelled.

DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2024 – 26/6/24


The forecast was for a hot, hot day at the lake but at least we were promised some wind.  The existing mark positions were deeemed suitable for a standard one lap windward/leeward course with the breeze blowing down the lake from the clubhouse and so we managed to get started very soon after 11:00 with 10 sailors each taking it in turns to be RO for 10 races completed by 13:00.

Peter managed to get clean away in race one as nobody else seem to spot the left shift that arrived shortly before the start and give him the first of four consecutive wins, only interrupted when he acted as RO allowing Paul P to take his first win.  The top 4 or 5 slots were keenly contested with Paul P, Mike DSP, John C and Alan all achieving podium spots, although after a difficult firstrace, John C was looking good and consistent.  After Race 5, the race wins were shared between John C (3), Paul P (1) and Peter (1).

Peter helped a number of sailors to adjust their boat settings after some difficult races and the fleet then seemed to be more compact  with some good tight racing.

Peter took the morning with his 5 wins, closely followed by Mr Consistent John C with 3 wins and then Mike DSP in a creditable third and had no wins.

  1. Peter Baldwin              63  10pts
  2. John Carlin                    11   13pts
  3. Mike DSP                       35  19pts
  4. Paul Plested                 54  20pts
  5. Alan Watkinson        373  29pts
  6. Neil Westbrook           03  33pts
  7. Charles Legg                21   40pts
  8. Paul Little                      45  43pts
  9. Dave Howard               00  45pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey     1019  55pts


There was a little less wind for the nine DF95 sailors, but still more than enough to give decent racing for nine sailors in the A rig.  Unfortunately though, the wind had started to veer more towards the South and so the beat could turn out to be nearly a fetch, but mostly needed some deft tacking in the shifts to make the best gains to a revised windward mark closer to the shore.  we were joined this week by visitor Paul Shepherd where this was only his second time on the water. Again we took it in turns to be RO and completed 9 races.

After the first race where Paul P finished a close second to Peter, he unfortunately had to drop out for the day with electrical issues.  This left eight sailors to complete the afternoon, with much rig tweaking, advice and adjustment to suit the conditions.

It was also Peter’s afternoon in the 95 after his sucesses in the morning, with only Alan taking a win from him, with Martin picking up the other win whilst Peter was RO.  Alan and Neil were having a good tussle, which looked to be going Neil’s way for second place, until battery failure enforced him to sit out the final two races.

Close racing again, with much to be gained or lost depending upon how you managed to deal with the shifts and gusts that came down the course, with some of them not always being predictable or long lasting!

  1. Peter Baldwin           172    6pts
  2. Alan Watkinson         23   13pts
  3. Neil westbrook           03   16pts
  4. Martin W-J                  77   21pts
  5. Paul Little                     14   24pts
  6. Dave Howard               00  26pts
  7. Malcolm Harvey     2019  33pts
  8. Phil Shepherd              49  40pts

DF95 Summer 2024 #3 – 15/6/24

The forecast for the day suggested that the 6 sailors who turned out would probably get soaked, with the added risk of possibly being struck by lightning, but whilst the surrounding areas seems to suffer deluges of rain, Gautby Road escaped with a very light shower early on, with increasingly bluer skies as the afternoon wore on. Winds were light from the NW with some big shifts, so A rigs were the order of the day.
Paul got off to a good start winning race 1 followed by Clive and then Peter. After that the first session went more to form, with Peter notching up 4 wins on the bounce followed by a third. Paul continued to post some good results, all being in the top 3. Clive and John were also pushing for the front, with Clive posting 2 seconds and John securing a 1st and a 2nd. In race 4 John decided to moor up on the leeward gate mark for a rest, which ultimately required a spell in the club waders to recover his boat. Both Dave and Martin were getting good starts. Dave was struggling with upwind speed having only just finished rigging his new A set minutes before going afloat.
The big talking point of the first session, was what were we all hitting below the water? All strikes were in the same broad area, but not in one spot. Clive seem to have more than his fair share. All we could conclude was that we were hitting fish, or that they were attacking us!
After the tea break, normal service was resumed at the front with Peter scoring another 5 firsts and a third, although he was having to work hard for some of those. John thought he’d won one, only to realise he still had another lap to go, but he was consistent in the second session posting 4 seconds. Paul did manage another 1st, but was not as quick around the course in this session with only one other podium result. Clive was getting some great starts and was in the mix for the front in most races. Dave was far more competitive after a bit of rig tweaking by Peter over coffee. Martin was also quicker in the second session. The fish were still causing problems, but they were less fussy, with everyone being impacted at some point.
As it turned out, it was a very enjoyable afternoon’s racing.
  1. Peter Baldwin                            172 12pts 9 wins
  2. John Carlin                                   50 23pts 1 win
  3. Paul Plested                               154 25pts 2 wins
  4. Clive Warren                                93 31pts
  5. Dave Williams                             33 46pts
  6. Martin Whittingham-Jones  77 59pts

DF65 & DF95 Socal Sailing – 12/6/24

There seemed to be a promising middle to top end A+ breeze when we arrived at 10:15, although nothing like a summers day, requiring fleeces and coats on all morning.  At least the wind was still from (generally) WNW and so the course from Saturday sufficed and enabled us to get started soon after 11:00, although without Peter and visitor Andy Dines whilst they sorted Andy’s boat and A+ rig out, with Dave Williams running the first race and a plan for everyone to run a race each.

Andrew Potter had a storming first race  and led by a good margin at the finish.  In the second, James Douglas took the win, hotly pursued by John Carlin, Clive Warren and Paul Plested for a very close finish.  Peter ran this second race, only for Dave to lose his steering and end his day.  We therefore changed to Dave acting as RO for the rest of the morning and Peter discarding his first two (unsailed) races.

Peter then took the next four races, albeit with some luck in the shifty conditions coming into the finish.  Jon Whitehead then won race 7 and Alan Watkinson, race 8.  Clive got the win in race 9 with James roundong out the day with a second and final win.

Peter took the morning with his clutch of wins, but Paul placed second after a consistent morning with only one result outside the top 4 and of course no win.  Jon was third with another (relatively) consistent set of results, which were hard to achieve in the conditions.

Overall some very close racing this morning with boats separated on the finish line by only inches at times especially at the front of the fleet and wins spread around 66% of the fleet.

  1. Peter Baldwin             63  18pts  4 wins
  2. Paul Plested                 54  22pts
  3. Jon Whitehead           771  27pts  1 win
  4. Clive Warren                 53  33pts 1 win
  5. Alan Watkinson         373  34pts 1 win
  6. James Douglas              73  35pts 2 wins
  7. Andrew Potter             194  38pts 1 win
  8. Andy Dines                     36  58pts
  9. Malcolm Harvey       1019  68pts

There wasn’t much enthusiasm for 95 sailing after lunch with limited numbers.  Peter and Clive used the opportunity to replace the anchor warps on the final 5 marks which weer being coated in weed growth.

IOM Summer series #3 – 8/6/24

Superb conditions for IOM Round 3

A smaller than usual number of skippers arrived to a solid predicted WNW wind that aside from one or two lighter moments, called for B rigs for the days racing.

PRO Dave Williams, assisted by Neil Westbrook had our 10 skippers under way on time at 1 pm. Graham Elliott came out of the blocks at pace taking race one with some crafty shift sailing in a comfortable B rig that had a few shifts for all to think about on the approach to the windward mark and spreader.

 With time alloacted for all skippers to sort their trims, helped by our fleets more experienced heads sharing their knowledge to get all up to pace our race team set about firing a solid 5 more races before a break in the clubhouse. 

At the break, Brad had enjoyed the conditions to put some solid races in. Both Peter Baldwin and Graham Elliott were ticking off consistent scores with both Alan Watkinson and new addition to our IOM fleet Ian Davies scoring a solid 4th place apiece. 

With a break and some checks over rigging and tune complete, it was more of the same for another 6 races. After slow starts bothh Andrea and Martin Roberts found the form they are known for with some solid scores, with Martin in particular warming to his  new to him design.

The afternoon session racing was close with a missed shift often being the difference among the front group. All can say they had their strong moments but just as good racing should be, it was those that got the better of the fine margin moments with smart sailing that scored well in the end.

In the wash up it was Brad who took the win from Graham, with Peter recording a strong day for 3rd.

A very special mention from the day goes to George Bennett who at nine years of age showed some excellent form. George was sailing the TS2 design and as the day progressed, narrowed the margin on the leading group to such an extent that he was mixing it up regularly at a number of mark roundings. 

Certainly one to watch as we go forward and great to have you with us George!

Our next IOM Summer series round is on the 6th of July and being the week prior to the 2 day Fleetwood Ranking, we welcome anyone looking to get in a solid days practice against one of the countries premier IOM fleets.

Entry can be made at https://birkenheadrspc.co.uk/iom-summer-2024-4/

  1. Brad Gibson                 42  Post PUNK  11pts
  2. Graham Elliott            09  Britpop!       23pts
  3. Peter Baldwin              63  Britpop!       35pts
  4. Martin Roberts            12  K2                   43pts
  5. Alan Bennett               180  Britpop!      49pts  2x2nd
  6. Andrea Roberts            27  Britpop!      49pts  1x2nd
  7. Bill Culshaw                  21  Britpop!       56pts
  8. Ian Davies                      33  Britpop!       75pts
  9. Alan Watkinson           23  Britpop!      76pts
  10. George Bennett            17  TS2                86pts

DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2024 – 5/6/24


The morning started with Peter moving the marks around and removing a number for later work to put new warps on them.  There were enough left for a decent windward/leeward course complete with gate. It also turned out even after tweaking the line with the help of those practising, the line was rather port biased at times.

So to the racing where there was a delay before we even started as having opted for A rigs, the breeze strengthened such that B rigs were needed (and in some gusts even C would have been useful!), so everyone changed down.

Paul Little opted to act as RO after having transmitter problems before the start (thanks Paul), which allowed everyone to sail all eight races.  Consistency was key today and very hard to achieve in the gusty and shifty Westerly, which also created problematic waves at the clubhouse end, especially if the wind dropped off for a few seconds.  You could often find yourself going backwards after a tack until the next gust came along to provide some forward motion.

We had five different race winners today in the eight races sailed.  Only Peter managed to pick up three race wins, with Clive taking two then Mike DSP, Alan and Neil all having their moment of fame.  Dave Williams was unlucky to miss out on a win having led at the windward mark for two of the later races, but was unfortunately pipped to the post in both cases.

The final race went to a Black Flag start having tried two starts with no penalty, each resulting in a general recall after a freeing gust pushed too many boats over the line when we couldn’t bear away quickly enough.  Fortunately, nobody was caught out when the race finally got away on the third attempt.

A good but frustrating mornings racing with the main comment at the end  being   “have we only done 8 races??” as it seemed like 18 to some.

  1. Peter Baldwin         63   11pts   3x1st
  2. John Carlin               11    16pts
  3. Alan Watkinson   373   20pts  1x1st
  4. Dave Williams      233   21pts
  5. Clive Warren            53   23pts    2x1st
  6. Mike De St Paer       35   23pts    1x1st
  7. Neil Westbrook        03  29pts   1x1st
  8. Paul Plested              54   33pts


 After the lunch break it was the turn of the 95s to take to the water, like the 65s the turnout was down on our usual numbers and Richard forgetting his transmitter didn’t help, but did provide us with a very efficient RO for the afternoon. Thanks Richard.

The wind and course were very similar to the morning and B rigs were choice of the day, which proved a good one. One lap races were used with the last race of the day extended to 2 laps.

As in the morning races, the race was won by being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the wind shifts but just as importantly picking the right wind shift to tack on, a lot of the time the wind would back and the boat would be caught in irons, with the resulting loss of distance frustrating for the skipper as they watched the other competitors powering away.

Race one, and Neil came out of  the blocks well and took the race win followed closely by Clive and Paul. Race 2 and it was Clive’s turn to master the conditions best, taking the win from Neil followed by Paul. This was the case for races 3 and 4, until Neil put an end to Clive’s winning streak in race 5. Race 6 saw Clive back on top with Neil second. Meanwhile Paul who in his words “was having a nightmare day” began to find some boat speed but more importantly his way around the lake taking second place behind Clive in the last 2 races, with Neil third. Unfortunately Martin also had a bad day at the office but did manage to pick up a third place in race 6

Results after 8 races with 2 discards

  1.   Clive Warren                                6pts
  2.   Neil Westbrook                         10pts
  3.   Paul Plested                               16pts
  4.   Martin Wittingham-Jones  21pts