Yacht Racing Calendar

The Calendar for 2020 is substantially different to normal due to current restrictions on numbers allowed to gather .

Racing for all Saturday “Social Racing” days starts at: 1:00pm and finishes by approximately 5pm.

Club Captain Andrew Peter is organising  groups to socially race DF65’s on a Wednesday at 11am.  Please contact him at this stage if you wish to join in (contact via the Contacts page).

There is now a Booking system live for events and you can access this by either clicking on the link in the list below or via the Events List on the RHS of any page.    There is currently a limit of 13 boats for any racing and once that limit is reached, then anyone booking will go on a reserve list.  If anyone subsequently Cancels their booking (via the event page), then the first person on the reserve list will have their booking confirmed.

For details of who is sailing on any day whilst we are limited on sailing numbers, please click on the link for the day of interest.  If the numbers change for sailing, then the entry limits will be increased accordingly.

NB. The calendar may be subject to change throughout the year as other clubs fixtures and weather dictate, so please check the website regularly for any updates.


Wednesday9DF65 Social Racing #15
12IOM Xmas Race
Start Time 11:00
Wednesday16DF65 Social Racing #16