DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2024 – 17/4/24


North West breeze today blowing straight down the lake, or as near as, resulting in quite a popple on the water at the club end where the gate marks were situated. Quite cold on arrival and no one seemed keen to go for a wade, but the start line and the beat looked very fair, with a single windward mark but no spreader. This clearly meant that the leading pack had to navigate their way through the boats still on the beat, but this seemed to work well. In fact there were more boat to boat incidents elsewhere on the course as the some of the heavier gusts affected boat handling.

Initial thoughts of A rig changed quickly to B rig which proved to be the right choice over the morning. As always there were some flat spots and lulls, and the heavier gusts were just at the top end of B rig conditions but quite manageable.

Malcolm Harvey very kindly offered to RO the morning’s racing – thank you Malcolm – and Dave Williams stormed away to win the first race, followed by Mike who won the next two and Simon who won race 4.

Once again racing was much closer than the end results might suggest, with some big gains to be made – or lost – coming up from the gate to the finish depending on which gate mark was taken. Despite the strength of the breeze there were some significant shifts all through the mornings sailing making it a day to keep your competitors covered.

Mike was able to win 4 of the next 5 races to win overall, with Clive and Sally also winning races in another very competitive 10 races for the 65 fleet.

Thanks again to Malcolm for ROing, and to Malcolm and Dave for sorting out the results which were as follows:

  1. Mike de St Paer    10 pts         6 wins
  2. Simon Bates          37 pts         1 win
  3. Clive Warren         38 pts         1 win
  4. Andrew Potter      38.5 pts
  5. Dave Williams      45 pts         1 win
  6. Neil Westbrook    47 pts
  7. Alan Watkinson   48 pts
  8. John Beech             50 pts
  9. Dave Howard         51.5 pts
  10. Sally Collings         52 pts 1 win
  11. Paul Plested            53 pts
  12. Frans King               60 pts


11 skippers were treated to a great afternoon sail, the sun shone and took the edge off the north westerly breeze blowing down the lake from the non clubhouse end with a bit of bias from the industrial estate.

The choice of rig was B rig which turned out to be the right choice although it was top end and touching a C rig in some of the gusts. The wind was fairly steady but there were a few gusts that could catch the unaware helm out downwind, matched with a few shifts (not as many as usual) and it was a fabulous afternoon for 95 sailing.

The course was similar to the morning but the first mark was slightly further up the lake to make the course slightly longer. A mixture of 1 and 2 lap races were sailed with a total of 8 races completed. Normal afternoon format applied with self monitoring starts and first to finish taking note of the finishing positions.

Racing was as competitive as ever in the 95 fleet with 7 helms recording a top 3 place. Paul Little had an afternoon to forget with various boat and rig issues limiting him to only 2 finishes.  John C took the honours in the opening race after a close tussle with Clive and Paul P, and the second race was more of the same with the finishing order reversed. Clive then took the next two with John B notching up a 3rd place in what was a consistent set of results hovering just outside the top 3. Paul P then got his second win, before Mike dSP finally got the hang of his new B rig finishing 1,2,1 in the last 3 races. Overall a great afternoon sailing in near perfect conditions for a B rig.

Final results

  1. Clive Warren          9pts  3 wins
  2. Paul Plested          15pts   1 win
  3. Mike De St Paer   18 pts  2 wins
  4. John Carlin            21pts    1 win
  5. John Beech            24pts
  6. Alan Watkinson  27pts
  7. Frans King            34pts
  8. Dave Howard       35pts
  9. Neil Westbrok      41pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey 50pts
  11. Paul Little              68pts