DF95 Summer 2023 #3 – 12/8/23

A fine sunny day at Gautby Road, nine DF 95 sailors keen to race but a horrendous wind kept them guessing as to the best way to tackle the usual two lap course starting from the Clubhouse end. The wind varied from overpowering to moments of nothing. It was imperative to anticipate the wind, to gain the start advantage. John Brierley always pushing did fall foul of the start line judge but generally no recalls. Up to tea break it was John or Alan taking the wins between them although after the break it was John who dominated. Andrew was unable to come to grips with his 95 so after the mainsail collapsed he retired to the Clubhouse to sort it, then returned to put in four good races. Clive had consistent races to gain third place.

A good afternoon sailing with twelve races and very close scoring.  Photos courtesy of Dave Williams.

  1. John Brierley          11pts 7wins
  2. Alan Watkinson   15pts 5wins
  3. Clive Warren         32pts
  4. John Carlin             41pts
  5. Andrew Peter        42pts 2X 2nds
  6. Dave Williams      42pts
  7. Neil Westbrook    43pts
  8. Frans King             56pts 2 x 3rds
  9. John Beech           56pts