IOM Summer 2023 #5 15/7/23

The weather forecast on Saturday was for a lot of weather to happen. As it was we had a bit of rain, not a lot of sun and Mrs Jones at No 30 opening and closing her back door at regular intervals. (Translated means a squally day through the houses) It was an afternoon of snakes and ladders. John started the afternoon with a bit of Welsh fire, but faded with the weather after some gear issues. Bill was well Bil = 2 wins along with some average scores. Alan was a consistent top 3. Neil and Alan battled all afternoon wtth Neil winning the battle on countback. Charles’ scores were much improved after a Bernie inspired tea break.  Martin though nailed the leeward side of the course to come out on top overall.
12 races were completed
1st  Martin Roberts     11 pts
2nd Bill Culshaw         22 pts
3rd Alan Bennett         25 pts
4th  John Brierley       34 pts
5th  Neil Westbrook   47 pts
6th Alan Watkinson   47 pts
7th Charles Legg          62 pts