Club Successes at the latest RG65 TT

John Brierley and Peter Baldwin travelled to Bournville RS & MBC on Saturday 11th June for the latest RG65 TT (Round 3).  The event was won by Chris Elliott sailing an Uno, with Peter and John tied 3 points behind, with Peter gaining 2nd on countback, with John rounding out the podium.

Full report and results sheet on the RG65 website here

RG65 Popup Open and Summer Series #3

The Birkenhead club decided to run a ‘pop up’ RG65 Open Event with an 11am start on the Saturday of the Jubilee weekend and we managed to get 9 entries, 2 Pocket Rockets (Dave Creed), 6 Uno (Caccerelli/VAM) and 1 Argon (Sails etc/Bantock).
The wind was kinder to us than expected and came mainly down from Gautby Road with shifts and some quite heavy gusts that saw most of the fleet diving downwind at some point. Most opted for a slightly lower aspect rig but Martin, Bill and Graham all opted for there full height swing rigs. We also welcomed Bill Culshaw to the RG fleet this week with his borrowed Pocket Rocket from Peter. Lets hope he returns, but he did mention that he had completed 14000 steps during the day, although we don’t normally sail 18 races in an afternoon!
The racing was a lot closer than normal throughout the fleet and it was only in a few races that the leader broke away from the rest of the fleet to win by a large margin.
With the absence of Bernie, (we all send our best wishes to Bernie who had an op in the week), we decided that each skipper would drop out of 2 races to take up start and finishing duties and score these races with zero points after some discussion.
In the end it was Martin with a fantastic 9 wins that took top honours (and the winners bottle) with Graham in second place with just 2 wins and Peter completing the podium with 4 wins, John in 4th was the last race winner on the day with 3 wins, just 4 points separating the top three.
Pictures thanks to Bill Culshaw and Alan Watkinson.
This event was used as a tune-up for the next RG65 TT at Bournville on Saturday 11th June – Entry via the MYA website.

DF/RG65 Winter Series 2021 #7 (19/3/22)

Today’s racing was the last round of the RG65 Winter series, five skippers entered and were greeted to the best weather of the year so far, with wall to wall sunshine and a good blow down the middle of the lake from the car park.
All skippers opted for their B rigs, but soon found out this was too much after the first race and nobody successfully managed to get downwind. The gusts were just too big, so we took a quick break to all change down. Unfortunately Graham, with his newly acquired Argon, did not have a smaller rig so had to persevere, Martin had the perfect size rig that he had made in the week for these conditions and his Pocket Rocket relished the conditions after missing the first race due to a failing receiver, but then was able to borrow one from Graham.
The racing was closer than the scores suggest with Alan, Dave and Neil getting the most out of their boats and all sailing well, unfortunately Graham suffered receiver problems and missed quite a few races until he managed to fix Martins old receiver and get back on the water but still in the wrong rig.
Martin won 7 races out of the 9 he sailed in with Alan getting 2 wins with his ever improving Scurry and Graham with just 1 win, 10 races sailed in all before we all agreed the wind was still increasing and to call it a day.
Many thanks to Bernie for starting and finishing the fleet and Jack for supplying the tea and coffee at intervals.
  1. Martin Roberts       133      pocket rocket        9pts, 7 wins
  2. Alan Watkinson      23        scurry                     17pts, 2 wins
  3. Neil Westbrook       03        uno                          19pts
  4. Dave Williams          33        uno                          33pts
  5. Graham Elliott         29        argon                     35pts,1 win
After 10 races
This leaves the overall results for the RG65 Winter Series as follows, With Graham Elliott the winner by a clear margin.

RG/DF65 Winter Series 2022 #5 (12/2/22)

7 skippers turned out for the latest round of the clubs RG65/DF65 series, but with no DF’s, all 7 opted to sail there RG65’s.
The wind unfortunately came from the houses for the first 4 races with skippers opting for various sail plan/rigs, some opted for swing B rigs, some opted for full area reduced height conventional rigs and some opting for full height conventional rigs. It was all about managing the vicious gusts.
Although Graham Elliott sailing his Electronica dominated the day with 11 wins losing out to John Brierley sailing his Uno in race 2, there were some decent displays from other skippers. Dave Williams sailed well in the last 4 races scoring a 3,5,4,2. Charles Legg sailed well in the later races and Alan Watkinson starting the day well with a brace of 3rds.
Races 5 to 12 saw the wind come around and blow straight down the lake that brought Martin Roberts into play sailing his Pocket Rocket, he scored 5 second places in the last 6 races of the day.
The day was definately all about rig choice and rig plan and I am sure a few will be swapping there lower aspect swing rigs for conventioal rigs.
Race winners on the day were Graham Elliott (Electronica) 11 wins and John Brierley (Uno) with 1 win. Many thanks to Jack for making the tea and Bernie for starting and scoring us.
  1. Graham Elliott      ​ 09       Electronica          10pts    11 wins
  2. John Brierley          84        Uno                        23pts     1 win
  3. Martin Roberts    133         Pocket Rocket  30pts
  4. Neil Westbrook     03         Uno                       44pts
  5. Dave Williams       33         Uno                        48pts
  6. Charles Legg          26         Uno                       51pts
  7. Alan Watkinson    23         Scurry                  53pts

After 12 races

RG/DF65 Winter series 2021 #3 (8/1/21)

​Well, if we had started one hour earlier we would of all been soaked and sailing in C rig, as it was, we started on time at 12 midday with a medium top suit breeze and no rain all afternoon.

8 RG65 boats entered the race which is a decent turnout, unfortunately we lost Charles Legg and Dave Williams for the last 3 races with gear failure.
7 races completed before tea break with all skippers using there full height, full area A rigs. After the break the wind piped up a little, especially the gusts and everyone either changed down a rig to reduced height but still full area swing or conventional rig. Another 5 races after break gave us a total of 12 races for the day, racing was hotly contested with no one skipper really dominating and not much separating the top 3 positions.
Race winners were, Graham Elliott (7) ELECTRONICA, John Brierley (4) UNO and Peter Baldwin (1) UNO.
Well done to all and thanks once again to Bernie for starting and finishing the fleet.
  1. Graham Elliot           09      electronica           13pts    7 wins
  2. John Brierley            84       uno                          21pts   4 wins
  3. Peter Baldwin          63       uno                           23pts   1win
  4. Martin Roberts        33       pocket rocket       41pts
  5. ​Neil westbrook        03       uno                           50pts
  6. Alan Watkinson       23       pocket rocket      59pts
  7. Dave Williams          33       uno                           64pts
  8. Charles Legg             26       uno                           71pts
After 12 races

RG/DF65 Winter Series 2021 #2 (11/12/21)

After the cancellation of the first RG/DF65 Winter Series a few weeks ago due to high winds, a top suit wind from the clubhouse end, met the five hardy RG sailors for the second event. The fleet comprised of four Uno and one Scurry with the fleet all using their A rigs.

Neil Westbrook got of to a flyer winning the first race. John Brierley then got into his stride winning seven of the ten races with Dave Williams having a well deserved win in one race and Neil finishing, as he started, with a win in the last race. Charles Legg and Alan Watkinson were “in the mix” for most of the races and there were some close finishes.

Thanks to Bernie for running the racing especially when the timer failed and he had to call the time. Next week (is the club IOM Christmas Race, one of the highlights of the Birkenhead RS&PC season.Entry may be made until late on Friday via the event page here

  1. John Brierley        84 Uno        9pts  7 wins
  2. Neil Westbrook   03 Uno       15pts  2 wins
  3. Dave Williams     33  Uno      23pts  1 wins
  4. Charles Legg        26  Uno      27pts
  5. Alan Watkinson  23  Scurry 36pts

After 10 races