RG65 Winter Series 2023 #2 – 9/12/23

Well, we had a little rain today and plenty of wind but unfortunately it was blowing from over the houses and veering towards the top corner. The sail choice was in some cases, ‘this is all I have so it will have to do’. The majority using low A, and some using B which appeared to be the wrong choice.

The course was set starting from the Clubhouse end, to the windward mark with a port rounding at the very top of the lake, to a spreader then down to the outer start buoy mark with again a port rounding.  The timing of gusts on the start line caused many call backs spotted with the eagle eye of our assistant race officer George (Alan Bennett’s son).

Racing to the first mark was very close throughout the fleet but it was to the spreader that Alan B and John B were able to pull away. The downwind leg was disastrous for many with clear rudders showing in the nosedives. After four races with the wind picking up a break was called, for dinner and a change of rigs. Unfortunately Charles and Martin had suffered damaged and were not able to continue.

With the wind picking up and white horses on the lake, C rig was used by most boats which certainly made the downwind leg more manageable. With the wind increasing in strength even further, it was decided after the ninth race to finish the day before any more failures could occur.

Our thanks to Clive and George for acting as race officials and giving us nine long races.

  1. Alan Bennett       Ivy                          9pts 5wins
  2. John Brierley       Uno                      13pts 3wins
  3. Bill Culshaw         Ivy                       21pts 1win
  4. Alan Watkinson  Uno                     29pts
  5. John Carlin            Uno                     32pts  1x2nd
  6. Dave Williams      Uno                     32pts
  7. Martin Roberts    Pocket Rocket 38pts
  8. Charles Legg         Uno                      51pts