IOM Winter 2023 #1 – 11/11/23

A simple Report of:

  • No Wind
  • No Sailors
  • No Racing

Unfortunately the weather gods were not with us for the first of the IOM Winter Series, with a high pressure giving very little or no wind, although the sun was very pleasant the three sailors who might have turned up found other things to do.  Fingers crossed for better luck with Round 2 on 2nd December.

IOM Summer 2023 #10 – 28/10/23

A total of 7 IOM’s turned out for the last of the Summer Series in 2023 and were greeted with a decent middle top suit breeze straight down from the clubhouse end, with the usual mix of shifts and pressure variations to help (or hinder) someone’s progress up or down the lake.

After Peter had re-jigged the marks after last weeks DFTT, our RO Dave Williams got things underway on time with six of the seven for the first 4 races.  In the first session of six races, Alan got the lions share of five wins, with Peter taking one win and Bill plus Martin vying for the lead at any time during the race.  We were joined this week by Alan’s young son George in his first visit to Birkenhead, sailing a Mirage and showed great ability to get off the starting line and around the course with the rest of us.  We hope to see him again at the lake in the future to further hone his skills.

After the break, the fight continued at the front of the fleet for the wins, with Peter gaining three then Alan and Martin one each such that in the last race, the overall winner on the day was going to be either Alan or Peter.  Alan led for a good part of the race, until Peter managed to pass him up the last beat and looked to be safe, but then sailed himself into a bit of a hole.  Alan meanwhile kept in the breeze to cross the line half a boat length ahead of Peter for the win and the days honours.  Bill was third, Martin fourth after missing the first 4 races and Tony sailing an IOM for the first time, was fifth.  Very many thanks to Dave for running the racing once again, taking a few photos  and getting racing completed before we had much rain.

  1. Alan Bennett            Britpop!          15pts
  2. Peter Baldwin          Britpop!          16pts
  3. Bill Culshaw             Britpop!          28pts
  4. Martin Roberts       Widget             39pts
  5. Tony Sedgwick        Lintel MMX  44pts
  6. Alan Watkinson       Britpop!         58pts
  7. George  Bennett      Mirage             63pts

Next IOM Race is Race 1 of the Winter Series on 11th November.

IOM Summer 2023 #9 (30/9/23)

A great response to Peters email’s and phone calls in the week meant that we had 10 skippers sailing today.
The wind was a medium top suit from the clubhouse end with the normal Birkenhead shifts and gusts to contend with, although the temperature was reasonable, the rain was completely unreasonable, after break it bucketed down.
After Peter had tweaked the course we started racing, a few general and individual recalls were called by our starter, Dave Williams, who also finished us. 5 races before a tea break with Graham sailing his BritPOP! winning races 3, 4 and 5, Martin sailing his Chimera took race 1 and Alan sailing his BritPOP! took race 2. A short break saw the heavens open and 10 unwilling skippers not wanting to venture out but there was still racing to be finished so off we trudged. The next 5 races saw wins for Martin in races 6 and 10, Graham taking race 9, Alan taking race 7 and Peter taking race 8. John Carlin also joined us after having radio problems for the first 5 races of the day and managed a very creditable 3rd in the final race of the day.
The final scores were very close, the top 3 also all discarded the same amount of points (9).
Many thanks to Dave Williams for today, standing out in the pouring rain. Sailing wasn’t much fun, so to stand outside and not sail is something else.
  1. Graham Elliott          09 Britpop!           16pts
  2. Martin Roberts        122 Chimera         17pts
  3. Alan Bennett             180 Britpop!          23pts
  4. Brad Gibson                17  TS2                    24pts
  5. Peter Baldwin            63  Britpop!          33pts
  6. Bill Culshaw                21  Britpop!          42pts
  7. John Berry                 123  Lintel MMX  54pts
  8. John Carlin                  63  Lintel MMX  63pts
  9. Andrew Peter             66  V9                     68pts
  10. Neil Westbrook         03   Widget            72pts

We all wish Martin the best of luck at the upcoming European Championships in Torrevieja, Spain.  If you wish to follow his progress along with the other GBR skippers, the official website is;


IOM Summer 2023 #6 – 5/8/23

Good Old British Weather?

Storm Antoni decided not to visit Gautby Road lake, but three very keen IOM sailors arrived expecting the worst. The very light wind “appeared” to come from the Clubhouse end so a course was set from the top end of the lake to the windward mark at the clubhouse then to a spreader both to port back through a gate, two laps and a finish at the middle mark as usual. The racing for the first three races was such that it was impossible to guess who would come out on top with all three boats taking turn to lead. Bill scored two wins with Alan the third.

At this point the wind finally disappeared and an early tea break was called (see pic above). After about twenty minutes it started to rain quite heavily then we had wind but from the opposite direction. Course then changed and racing recommenced. This new course and wind suited Alan who took the next seven races with seconds and thirds shared between Bill and John. Considering it was supposed to be mid summer, ten races in the cold and wet was deemed enough and RO Dave Williams called it a day.  Many thanks to Dave for turning out and running the racing and keeping scores and taking the few photos today.

  1. Alan Bennett  Britpop!   8pts
  2. Bill Culshaw   Britpop!  15pts
  3. John Berry       Viper       20pts

IOM Summer 2023 #5 15/7/23

The weather forecast on Saturday was for a lot of weather to happen. As it was we had a bit of rain, not a lot of sun and Mrs Jones at No 30 opening and closing her back door at regular intervals. (Translated means a squally day through the houses) It was an afternoon of snakes and ladders. John started the afternoon with a bit of Welsh fire, but faded with the weather after some gear issues. Bill was well Bil = 2 wins along with some average scores. Alan was a consistent top 3. Neil and Alan battled all afternoon wtth Neil winning the battle on countback. Charles’ scores were much improved after a Bernie inspired tea break.  Martin though nailed the leeward side of the course to come out on top overall.
12 races were completed
1st  Martin Roberts     11 pts
2nd Bill Culshaw         22 pts
3rd Alan Bennett         25 pts
4th  John Brierley       34 pts
5th  Neil Westbrook   47 pts
6th Alan Watkinson   47 pts
7th Charles Legg          62 pts

IOM Summer 2023 #3 – 17/6/23

7 skippers, 5 sailing BritPOP!’s, 1 Widget and 1 Chimera, the new design from Craig Richards. The wind was a beautiful top suit breeze from Gautby Road although it did gust up in a few races that caused everyone to cope with the odd nosedive.
The course was near perfect for the conditions and the start line well placed. 7 races before break with Graham Elliott winning 5 of them, Martin Roberts and Alan Bennett winning the other two. 5 races after break with Graham winning 4 and Martin the other one.
Sailing was quite tough and boat control and picking the shifts was key, some very close sailing in most races and lots of gains and losses if you never went on the shift at exactly the right time. 6 out of the 7 skippers got a second place or above in at least one race out of the 12 completed which shows how close the fleet were.
Dave Williams started and finished us and called at least 2 general recalls, many thanks Dave.
Race winners, Graham Elliott 9 wins, Martin Roberts 2 wins, Alan Bennett 1 win, well sailed Alan with a great average.
Graham Elliott                  09  11 Pts
Alan Bennett                    130  25 Pts
Martin Roberts                 22  27 Pts
Bill Culshaw                       21  34 Pts
Neil Westbrook                03  47 Pts
Alan Watkinson               23  49 Pts
Garry Benson                   68  63 Pts