DF95 Summer 2024 #5 – 13/7/24

We arrived to a  westerly light breeze, which comes generally from the top left hand end of the lake and the houses and provides the typical Gautby road conditions. Enough shifts to tax the patience and skills of the 6 helms on the starting line, numbers were lower than usual due to a date clash with IOM event, holidays and illness.
The threatening rain stayed away for the majority of the first session and very timely, persisted down when lunch was taken, good planning by the RO for the day Neil Westbrook. Neil kept us on our toes with a number of early starters getting called back.
The course was set, with the start line at the club end, a beat up to the top right hand corner (to port), to a spreader mark (to port) Down the full length of the lake to a gate and a beat back up the lake to the finish halfway up.
Racing was extremely competitive from the start with the whole fleet scoring either a first  or second during the 12 race series, and in most races the lead changed hands on more than one occasion, thanks to the shifts.
Seven, 1 lap races were sailed in the morning session and with the wind dying and rain threatening a break for coffee was called by Neil, which was a great shout as 2 mins later the heavens opened for about 20min. At the half way stage Alan was leading the way with 4 wins, chased by a group containing Clive (2 wins) and Andrew (1 win). After race 6 Andrew had a play with Martins setup which saw Martin leap up the running order and fighting it out at the front. Meanwhile John and Dave were also having moments of inspiration but without consistency
After the lunch break the rain subsided and the wind improved a little but there were still a lot of shifts to trap even the best helms. The racing was even tighter than the morning especially for Martin with his new setup and resulting speed. But there was no stopping Aln who followed up his morning success with 4 straight wins, only stopped by Clive who took the last race honours, racing was very tight throughout the fleet with many duals being fought all the way to the line, Andrew sailed very consistently with a string of 2nds and 3rds.  Photos courtesy of Dave Wlliams.
The final standings after 12 races, 2 discards
1.   Alan Watkinson                       23     12pts        8 wins
2.   Clive Warren                            93     26pts        3 wins
3.   Andrew Peter                         179     28pts        1 win
4.   David Williams                       33      36pts
5.   John Beech                             288     40pts
6.   Martin Withington Jones   77     43pts  (only 9 races sailed)


BRSPC Club Statement – Fish Deaths at Gautby Road Lake

This recent event is not the result of any actions by the club.
We only apply a D.E.F. R.A. approved natural dye called ‘ Lake Shadow ‘,
manufactured by Dyofix (see www.dyofix.co.uk/commercial-pond-dyes/)  and which is also used by many lakes and fisheries to reduce algae and improve water quality.  This has been used just twice this year, the last application was on 25th May.

The Environment Agency attribute the pr0blem to the recent hot weather and high temperatures, with too many large fish and not enough oxygen in a lake which is very shallow and has no cover from intense sunlight. It is not suitable as a fishing lake.

According to a report from the Environment Agency local Fisheries Officer;
“Unfortunately this is a natural occurrence at this time of year, and we are seeing more and more Oxygen Crashes. The dye will certainly help the situation in terms of controlling the algae and has no effects on fish.”

Wirral Council staff have now cleared the lake and surrounds of dead fish.

DF/RG65 Summer 2024 – 29/6/24

Five entrants for the RG65/Df65 race with the DF65 of John Pritchard co-opted into the RG class even though sailing with his A+ rig With a very light wind from the Clubhouse end the usual course was sailed but only one lap.

John B, was soon into his stride, easily taking the first two races. Then the wind swung around 180 degrees. This seemed to favour Alan who had a few good starts and was usually up to the windward mark first but then the experience of John B came through especially downwind. Due to the holes in the wind at times the other four boats ended up together on the last leg creating a few photo finishes.

John P unfortunately ran out of battery power for the final races after scoring a well deserved win after John B caught a submerged bag. With the rain settling in, still little wind and with eight races completed, it was decided enough was enough. Thanks to Dave H for his stint as RO for the races after dinner.

  1. John Brierley        84    6pts 7 wins
  2. Alan Watkinson  23    12pts
  3. Charles Legg         26   18pts
  4. Dave Williams      33    21pts
  5. John Pritchard      94   23pts 1 win

DF65 Social Racing 2024 – 19/6/24

Just 8 boats turned out and completed two races in very light winds before the breeze turned off completely and racing was abandoned.  This allowed the lake clearance working party to commence early.  A variety of debris was removed from the lake including 2 small pedal bikes, 2 small scooters, 6ft x 3ft insulation slab,, golf 3 wood , bottom of a traffic cone.Nothing was found that could be considered a fixed obstruction towards the top end of the lake.

After lunch the team also did a litter pick around the lake and a netting of all the bottles, feathers cans and bags at the lakeside.  Some of the grass and weed overgrow was also removed in the time available.

Many thanks to all those who attended.

DF95 Summer 2024 #3 – 15/6/24

The forecast for the day suggested that the 6 sailors who turned out would probably get soaked, with the added risk of possibly being struck by lightning, but whilst the surrounding areas seems to suffer deluges of rain, Gautby Road escaped with a very light shower early on, with increasingly bluer skies as the afternoon wore on. Winds were light from the NW with some big shifts, so A rigs were the order of the day.
Paul got off to a good start winning race 1 followed by Clive and then Peter. After that the first session went more to form, with Peter notching up 4 wins on the bounce followed by a third. Paul continued to post some good results, all being in the top 3. Clive and John were also pushing for the front, with Clive posting 2 seconds and John securing a 1st and a 2nd. In race 4 John decided to moor up on the leeward gate mark for a rest, which ultimately required a spell in the club waders to recover his boat. Both Dave and Martin were getting good starts. Dave was struggling with upwind speed having only just finished rigging his new A set minutes before going afloat.
The big talking point of the first session, was what were we all hitting below the water? All strikes were in the same broad area, but not in one spot. Clive seem to have more than his fair share. All we could conclude was that we were hitting fish, or that they were attacking us!
After the tea break, normal service was resumed at the front with Peter scoring another 5 firsts and a third, although he was having to work hard for some of those. John thought he’d won one, only to realise he still had another lap to go, but he was consistent in the second session posting 4 seconds. Paul did manage another 1st, but was not as quick around the course in this session with only one other podium result. Clive was getting some great starts and was in the mix for the front in most races. Dave was far more competitive after a bit of rig tweaking by Peter over coffee. Martin was also quicker in the second session. The fish were still causing problems, but they were less fussy, with everyone being impacted at some point.
As it turned out, it was a very enjoyable afternoon’s racing.
  1. Peter Baldwin                            172 12pts 9 wins
  2. John Carlin                                   50 23pts 1 win
  3. Paul Plested                               154 25pts 2 wins
  4. Clive Warren                                93 31pts
  5. Dave Williams                             33 46pts
  6. Martin Whittingham-Jones  77 59pts