RG/DF65 Summer Series #5 11/9/21

There was a decent top suit breeze from the W/WNW almost straight down the lake again for this week, the last practice day before the RG65 Nationals next weekend, where 5 club members have entered (currently making up nearly 30% of the entries!).

Graham Elliott (Electronica) carried on his form from previous weeks, by winning all but one of the races before the break, a run that was interrupted only by Martin Roberts (Pocket Rocket).  After the break, Brad Gibson helmed the Electronica for the remaining races, taking  wins in 3 of the 5 races, losing out to John Brierley (Uno) for the other two.  There were some very close finishes in a number of races, with the finish caller sometimes getting confused with a near ties between 84 and 184.

Meanwhile in the DF65 fleet of two boats, Andrew Peter took the day with 8 wins from Paul Hounslow with 3.

Thanks as usual to Bernie and Jack for running the racing.  Next week will be the first of 3 consecutive Saturday’s of IOM Club racing.


  1. Graham Elliott/Brad Gibson  09             electronica         10pts    8 wins
  2. John Brierley                                 84             Uno                       18pts    2 wins
  3. Peter Baldwin                                63             Uno                        28pts
  4. Martin Roberts                            184            Pocket Rocket   38pts 1 win
  5. Neil Westbrook                              03             Uno                        41pts
  6. Dave Williams                                33             Uno                        48pts
  7. Alan Watkinson                             23             Scurry                  53pts


  1. Andrew Peter                                  19          10pts   8 wins
  2. Paul Hounslow                               82          14pts  3 wins

After 11 races

DF65 Social Racing 2021 #17 8/9/21

A lovely late hot summer day greeted the 10 Dragon sailors, with the wind more or less straight down the lake. Perfect A+ weather. Our OOD Derek Matthews set a long course using the whole of the lake which at times caused the fleet to spread out. The start line being quite long enabled the boats to find their own space with only two individual recalls. The racing at the front of the fleet was tight which resulted in several very very close finishes with Charles holding his nerve and coming out on top. Thanks again to Derek for the running of the races.

  1. Charles Legg             14 pts   3 wins
  2. Richard Walker        15 pts   1 win
  3. Dave Williams          16pts    2 wins
  4. Sally Collings            26pts   1 win
  5. Paul Hounslow         32pts
  6. Simon Bates              42pts   2 wins
  7. Barrie Baugh             46pts
  8. Malcolm Harvey      48pts
  9. Paul Whalley             54pts
  10. Stan Metcalfe            61pts

9 races held.

RG/DF65 Summer Series #4 4/9/21

Sunny, warm and plenty of wind met the six RG65’s for the first of two “pre-Nationals” racing practice sessions. With the wind coming from the clubhouse end, playing the shifts was of upmost importance in gaining a winning advantage.  John sailing his Uno, managed 10 race wins with Martin in a Pocket Rocket taking the other 2.  With the wind on the edge for top rigs it was interesting what rigs were selected and when as a first change. As usual a big thanks to Bernie for running the racing. Next week (11/9) is the last practice before the Nationals the following weekend at Keighley.  All RG’s or DF65’s (including visitors) are welcome to join us. Just book in via “Upcoming Events”.   Don’t forget that there is also a DF95 racing practice session and tuning advice prior to the Nationals taking place next Saturday morning starting at 10:00 (finish at approximately 12:30).

  1. John Brierley         Uno                       10pts   10 wins
  2. Martin Roberts     Pocket Rocket  24pts    2 wins
  3. Neil Westbrook     Uno                       29pts
  4. Charles Legg          Uno                       37pts
  5. Alan Watkinson    Scurry                  38pts
  6. Dave Williams        Uno                       70pts (retired early with damaged winch)

12 races sailed.

DF65 Social Racing 2021 #16 1/9/21

9 Dragons  were out today, however the wind was not behaving . What little wind there was, came over the factories  with plenty of holes to be found by all.
Sally Collings was OD for the day and with the wind coming from all directions (or not!) a short triangular course  was set with 1 lap racing.
8 races were  run to the frustration  of us all.
  1. Neil Westbrook     03     8  points 4x1st
  2. Dave William’s    233   13 points  2x1st
  3. Derek Matthews   57   16 points  1x1st
  4. Andrew Potter     194   24 points 1x1st
  5. Simon Bates           69   26 points
  6. Charles Legg          21    30 points
  7. Richard Walker     39   32 points
  8. Stan Metcalfe         21   34 points
  9. Paul  Whaley           53  52 points
Well done to everyone for sticking with it.

RG/DF65 Summer Series #3 28/8/21

A perfect NW wind with plenty of sun met the 5 RG 65’s for the Summer Series #3.

With Neil launching his new Uno this week, we had a fleet of 4 Unos and 1 Scurry.  Although John won 10 of the 11 races the racing was tight with the fleet enjoying close racing for the other podium positions.  Lots of tuning up for the Uno fleet with significant improvements in performance seen possible.  Thanks once again to our Race Officer Bernie

1st John Brierley          Uno        9pts.
2nd. Neil Westbrook  Uno      24pts
3rd. Alan Watkinson  Scurry 27pts
4th. Dave Williams     Uno      30pts
5th. Charles Legg        Uno       33pts

After 11 races.

DF65 Social Racing 2021 #15 25/8/21

With a very light and flukey south easterly breeze, A+ rigs were installed on all except two boats. [167 & 53]. We managed to sail eight single lap races, and the race positions were extremely closely fought and hard won in the sometimes difficult wind conditions.

Guest sailor Guy Roberts from Stratford sailed well in his first ever DF65 races, managing a third in race 4, even with a reduced ‘A’ rig. And Sally doing extremely well overall, even though she had to do her ‘ Cinderella’ flit again, missing the last two races.

Finally, James Douglas did a grand job as race officer today, so many thanks to him for running the racing.

A reminder to all DF65 sailors that the Saturday series of RG/DF65 races are open to any DF65 sailors who wish to compete, using a slightly shorter course for the DF’s than the RG’s and separate scores kept. The afternoon usually has very good racing for all, if there are sufficient numbers in both classes on the water.

As a secondary reminder, there will be a one off Practice tune up session of racing for DF95’s on the morning of Saturday 11th September starting at approximately 10am.  Please register via the Upcoming Events list so that we know who is likely to attend.

  1. Andrew Peter       919   10 Pts
  2. Sally Collings       829   17 Pts
  3. Alan Watkinson   373   18 Pts
  4. Neil Westbrook      03   19 Pts
  5. Andrew Potter      194  20 Pts
  6. David Williams    233  22 Pts
  7. Guy Roberts          167   39 Pts
  8. Stan Metcalf          46    40 Pts
  9. Paul Whalley         53    50 Pts