DF/RG65 Winter 2023/4 #1 – 4/11/23

Five sailors arrived to take part in the first of the Winter RG65 series, a few of the absentees sailing elsewhere. The day started with rain and did not let up, the light wind was very inconsistent blowing from over the factory, making the course difficult to sail. The start line was very biased until Bill’s boat caught a start line buoy and then having donned the waders, reset the start line to a more favourable position.

Most of the boats had top A, which was the right choice as the boats were controllable during the frequent gusts. John B and Bill were at the front most of the time with all the wins between them, John mastering the conditions taking seven wins from Bill’s three. Alan and John C both managed to take second places with Dave sailing consistently to take third and fourth places.

Ten races completed and it was decided the rain and cold was too much so a halt was called. Thanks to Dave for organising the racing and scoring.

  1. John Brierley         Uno  9pts
  2. Bill Culshaw           Ivy   23pts
  3. Alan Watkinson   Uno  25pts
  4. Dave Williams      Uno  30pts
  5. John Carlin            Uno   31pts