DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 14/6/23

Eleven sailors arrived on a glorious sunny day accompanied by a pleasant breeze. A+ the rig of the day. Mike put his boat on the water and quickly realised he had no control at times so took the boat out and volunteered to be RO. Martin having changed his winch from last week still had problems so he was also out for the morning and then there were nine.

After John C donned the waders and moved the start line racing commenced. Andrew started well and gained three wins in the first four races but then could not find a better position than third.

John C was having electrical problems so had to drop out of two races but the repair was satisfactory meaning he could move up to be with the leaders Alan and Neil, who finished with a point between them. Ten races were held with the usual two laps for the final race. Thanks again to Mike for being our RO and to John for moving the marks.

  1. Alan Watkinson       16pts 4 wins
  2. Neil Westbrook        17pts  1 win
  3. Andrew Potter          20pts 3 wins
  4. John Carlin                21pts  2 wins
  5. Clive Warren             29pts
  6. Charles Legg             49pts
  7. Dave Williams          51pts
  8. Frans King                 58pts
  9. Malcolm Harvey     60pts