IOM Summer 2023 #3 – 17/6/23

7 skippers, 5 sailing BritPOP!’s, 1 Widget and 1 Chimera, the new design from Craig Richards. The wind was a beautiful top suit breeze from Gautby Road although it did gust up in a few races that caused everyone to cope with the odd nosedive.
The course was near perfect for the conditions and the start line well placed. 7 races before break with Graham Elliott winning 5 of them, Martin Roberts and Alan Bennett winning the other two. 5 races after break with Graham winning 4 and Martin the other one.
Sailing was quite tough and boat control and picking the shifts was key, some very close sailing in most races and lots of gains and losses if you never went on the shift at exactly the right time. 6 out of the 7 skippers got a second place or above in at least one race out of the 12 completed which shows how close the fleet were.
Dave Williams started and finished us and called at least 2 general recalls, many thanks Dave.
Race winners, Graham Elliott 9 wins, Martin Roberts 2 wins, Alan Bennett 1 win, well sailed Alan with a great average.
Graham Elliott                  09  11 Pts
Alan Bennett                    130  25 Pts
Martin Roberts                 22  27 Pts
Bill Culshaw                       21  34 Pts
Neil Westbrook                03  47 Pts
Alan Watkinson               23  49 Pts
Garry Benson                   68  63 Pts