DF/RG65 Summer Series 2023 #4 – 10/6/23

Today turned out to be one of the warmest days of the year on the Wirral, with final temperatures reaching 30C, but at least the Easterly breeze was still with us, with an average of probably 6-8 knots, but holes (2knots) and gusts of 12+ knots causing a few nose dives and boats out of control, especially in the last race.

Peter donned the waders and made a few tweaks to Wednesdays course, but in the end the wind was a lot straighter by the time we started and this resulted in a bit too much port bias on the line.  Peter and Martin slugged it out for overall honours with 5 wins each. However, the consistent Martin took the day in the Pocket Rocket with his swing rig further forward and the boat living up to the “Rocket” name.

There were strong performances at times during the day from John, Bill (Ivy) and Clive once he changed to a conventionally rigged Pocket Rocket following electrical problems.  A number of boats had gear and electrical failures during the day causing one or more lost races for 6 of the 8 boats.  Was it the warm day or just bad luck?

Line watching and results recording was done by the fleet for half the races, until John Carlin paid a visit and helped out in the middle session; so thanks John.

  1. Martin Roberts           133  Pocket Rocket    11pts
  2. Peter Baldwin               63  Uno                         14pts
  3. Bill Culshaw                   21  Ivy                           30pts
  4. Clive Warren      184/163  Scuttle/Pocket    33pts
  5. Dave Williams               33  Uno                         39pts
  6. John Brierley                 84  3D print proto    42pts
  7. Alan Watkinson           23   Uno                         43pts
  8. Charles Legg                 26   Uno                         48pts