DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2023 – 7/6/23

There was no decision to be made on rigs this week, with a cool, good mid to top end of A+ blowing down the lake from the clubhouse.  After Peter moved a few marks around to give a reasonable start line and leeward gate position, racing got underway soon after 11, but without Peter who was helping to try and get Martin on the water as he had an intermittent winch issue.  Unfortunately there appeared to be no immediate solution, so Martin Whittingham-Jones very kindly agreed to be RO for the morning.

John Carlin ran the first race and so he was given average points for that race (based upon his 7 other counting races).  This left the top 4 very close, with Alan taking the day on 16 pts and 3 wins, John C second on 19.4 pts and 3 wins, Peter 3rd on 20 pts (2 wins) and Clive 4th on 21 pts (2 wins).

  1. Alan Watkinson   373   16 Pts
  2. John Carlin                11 19.4 Pts (3 wins)
  3. Peter Baldwin         63   20 Pts (2 wins)
  4. Clive Warren           53    21 Pts (2 wins)
  5. Andrew Potter      194   29 Pts
  6. James Douglas        73   40 Pts
  7. Frans King                95  54 Pts
  8. Charles Legg            21   55 Pts
  9. John Beech               80   60 Pts

Out of interest, if Peter had been given average points for missing race 1, that would have given him 18.3 pts and second place.

Afterwards five DF95’s had an hour or so of one lap racing and tune up ideas, with some close finishes once again.