IOM Summer Series 2023 – #2 – 3/6/23

Windguru was spot on, with no wind forecast before 1.00.  At 1.20 RO John Carlin pressed the start button with an 8 mph shifty breeze from the top end. For the first of 12 non stop races. Martin nailed the first 3, with John robbed of race 4. Andrea got to it together for wins in Race 8 and 11.  Alan after some near misses earlier in the day, got his bow first over the line in Race 9.
  1. Martin Roberts     11pts     Chimera
  2. Andrea Roberts    24pts     Britpop
  3. Alan Bennett         25pts     Britpop
  4. John Berry              35pts     Lintel
  5. Neil Westbrook    46pts    Widget