DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 31/5/23

Another good turnout for DF racing. The wind was N.Easterly ish, with the usual holes, lifts, and gusts and a coolish air temperature.

John Carlin won the first race and went on to dominate the day’s racing with a total of 6 wins and an excellent 11 point score after discards.

There was much close racing throughout the day, with a very port end biased line making for some interesting starts. These included starboard tack boats being tagged by those attempting port end flyers, and quite a bit of boat to boat contact with a couple of starts looking like a real melee.

John was followed by Clive, who had two wins and then Mike with one win and a certain amount of radio trouble, along with Neil, Alan and Charles who all suffered with some boat issues during the day.

Overall excellent racing with the overall fleet standard still improving.

Final Positions were:

  1. John Carlin                                  11 pts          6 wins
  2. Clive Warren                              27 pts          2 wins
  3. Mike de St Paer                         29 pts          1 win
  4. Neil Westbrook                         31 pts           1 win
  5. Dave Williams                           31 pts
  6. Richard Walker                         43 pts
  7. Frans King                                  45 pts
  8. John Beech                                  48 pts
  9. Alan Watkinson                         57 pts
  10. Charles Legg                               63 pts
  11. Don Mackinnon                         69 pts
  12. Martin Whittingham-Jones 79 pts