DF65 Social Racing #26 (29/6/22)

The wind from the Gautby Road end was a good A+, the only problem being not consistent, and so it was imperative that you tacked on the right shift or you were left drifting for a few minutes – any lead built up soon disappeared. Unfortunately our RO to be, John (the Boot) Carlin has contracted COVID again, we wish him well.

After Neil had donned the waders to move a couple of marks we all decided to sail without an RO, the skipper of the first boat over the finish to mark the boats in. This worked well with no problems. The racing was very close with 5 different skippers having a win. 8 races sailed with the usual 2 laps before finish.

  1. Neil Westbrook            10 pts 2 wins
  2. Dave Williams              14 pts 2 wins
  3. Derek Matthews          15 pts 2 wins
  4. Alan Watkinson           19 pts 1 win
  5. Richard Walker           20 pts 1 win
  6. Charles Legg                24 pts
  7. John Beech                    41 pts