DF/RG65 Summer 2022 #4 (25/6/22)

An excellent days sailing for the 4th race in the RG/DF Summer series at Birkenhead today. Sunny and windy from the clubhouse end with big enough wind shifts to make the racing interesting.  Swing rigs and conventional rigs were both used in the gusty conditions.

4 Uno’s competed in the RG65 class and 2 DF65’s joined in as well. Although John Brierley won 9 of the races, the finishing was extremely close in many races, with the result only decided on the last leg to the finishing line keeping our RO (and part-time photographer) John Carlin busy.  Dave Williams and Neil Westbrook were so close all afternoon, that they were tied on points and discards at the end with the tie only   broken in Dave’s favour with his win in race 8.


  1. John Brierley       Uno   84 8pts. ( 9 wins)
  2. Dave Williams    Uno   33 20 pts ( 1win)
  3. Neil Westbrook  Uno   03 20pts
  4. Charles Legg        Uno  26 28pts

DF 65

  1. Andrew Peter             919
  2. Robin (visitor)             0

10 races sailed.