IOM Winter Series 2021 #4 (19/2/22)

Well you could not have written the script for the 4th IOM Winter race at Birkenhead today. With the stormy weather still about (but much less wind), six hardy competitors arrived in pouring rain with a steady top suit wind from the clubhouse end.

The club marks were relaid after the extreme weather and all was well. Now the problems started. One no show and Charles Legg’s boat did not arrive, so five left. Graham Birkett then found he had left the right keel at home. A few humorous comments – then there were four. Peter Baldwin’s winch packed up (well actually never  even started)  leaving only three to race.

Now to the racing. The wind for two races stayed from the clubhouse end but then went through 180 degrees during one race, the sun came out and we finished the ten races with the wind steady from the west. Alan Watkinson and Neil Westbrook had a good competitive afternoon with Neil sacrificing a few places trying to recover an “object” in the lake. Once again thanks to Bernie and Dave Williams on the line and Jack for supplying warm drinks and encouragement. The spirit of Radio Sailing certainly once again shone through today at Birkenhead.

  1. John Brierley        84     Britpop     8 pts 8 wins
  2. Alan Watkinson  23      Britpop   17 pts 1 win
  3. Neil Westbrook   03      Widget   18 pts  1win

After 10 races