DF65 Social Racing 2022 #8 (23/2/22)

Now on the tail end of three named storms the wind had died down to a top end of A rig. Heavy gusts had the boats submarining on the run. The wind again this week was from the top end of the lake at an angle over the houses. A course was set with the start halfway up the lake sailing from the far side heading towards the houses for the windward mark. With tricky wind shifts it was difficult to decide which way to approach.

Graham’s consistency with two first, a second and 4 thirds just managed to pip Neil even with his five firsts. There were a few gear failures and a dunked transmitter!!

Many thanks to RO John Carlin who kept the races running smoothly under difficult conditions and he even fitted in a couple of general recalls.

  1. Graham Birkett     20 pts 2 wins
  2. Neil Westbrook      23 pts 5 wins
  3. Alan Watkinson     24 pts 1 win
  4. Mike de St Paer      28 pts 1 win
  5. Richard Robinson 28 pts
  6. Dave Williams        38 pts 1 win
  7. Don Mackinnon    66 pts
  8. Richard Walker     69 pts
  9. John Beech              74 pts
  10. Stan Metcalf           79 pts
  11. Martin James          81 pts
  12. Malcolm Harvey   94 pts
  13. Andrew Potter       96 pts
  14. Sally Collings         97 pts
  15. Charles Legg        107 pts
  16. Paul Whalley       110 pts

After 10 races