DF65 Social Racing 2022 #7 (16/2/22)

12 sailors arrived expecting storm Dudley; at 10.00am we were going to go with A+ but the wind did freshen and with the heavy gusts B rig was used.

The wind from the top end over the houses proved to be very difficult to judge and created many opportunities to either catch up or lose in the lulls depending on the course you decided to take. The stars of the day were Alan, Neil and Richard R managing all 10 wins between them. The most call backs on the start line also went to Alan with 5!!

Many thanks to Sally our RO who managed to keep the races on track managing a full 10, especially as there were many drop outs due to gear failure.

  1. Alan Watkinson        13 pts 6 wins
  2. Neil Westbrook         16 pts 2 wins
  3. Richard Robinson    27 pts 2 wins
  4. Dave Williams           34 pts
  5. Mike De St Paer        35 pts
  6. Andrew Potter          39 pts
  7. John Carlin                41 pts
  8. Richard Walker        46 pts
  9. Charles Legg             78 pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey     90 pts
  11. Paul Whalley          102 pts
  12. Ken Roscoe             103 pts