DF65 & DF95 Social Racing 2023 – 1/11/23

DF65 Racing

13 DF 65 sailors arrived for this week’s club racing. Thirteen proved unlucky for ex Commodore John, who had to retire after a couple of races with a rudder servo problem having been at the front of the fleet.

The course was the usual windward leeward with a windward mark spreader and leeward gate. The start line at the far end of the lake looked biased, but actually worked quite well, and in any case the conditions were such that anything could and did happen out on the track.  The wind was basically over the houses, but a succession of small fronts during the mornings sailing provided flat spots, some punchy gusts, and the odd shower of rain.

Conditions made for a fair bit of unintentional boat to boat contact, and in particular the run to the spreader mark with the fleet bunched made the spreader approach and rounding tricky to judge.

John Beech won the first race, and James and Clive also got away well with each having a string of good results and some wins. Racing was once again close right across the fleet, but eventually Mike dsp just managed to win on points as shown below.

Thanks once again to Dave for doing the results, including average points as the race management duties were shared.

Final Positions were:

  1. Mike de St Paer          13.7 pts        4 wins
  2. James Douglas           14.8 pts        2 wins
  3. Clive Warren               19.4pts         3 wins
  4. Alan Watkinson         26.3 pts
  5. John Carlin                   32 pts
  6. Richard Walker          52.5 pts
  7. Andrew Potter            56 pts
  8. John Beech                   57pts            1 win
  9. Paul Little                     59.4 pts
  10. Dave Williams             61.7 pts
  11. Tony Sedgwick           69 pts (6 races only)
  12. John Whitehead         70 pts (6 races only)
  13. Dave Howard              76.7pts

DF95 Racing

Paul Little volunteered to be the race officer for the 6 skippers who started the afternoon session and hopefully picked up some useful tips for his own 95 which is on order. Thanks Paul for keeping us in line.

The course was the same as the morning session, but the wind had swung round even further west and it was a toss up which end of the lake to start  from. After a short discussion we started at the far end.  ‘A’ rig was the choice for the afternoon and just as the morning there were fronts coming through providing plenty of opportunity for passing and losing places. Beats turned Into runs the back to beats, and the helms had to keep on their toes to try to keep the boats moving.

Alan started off as he meant to go on by winning the first, Clive was second, and Richard third. The conditions got to John C and he withdrew at the start of the second race.

The next 2 races saw Clive taking the wins with Alan picking up 2 seconds and Richard and John B picking up 1 third place each.

Race 4 saw John B taking the win, Alan again picking up a second, and third to Dave Howard, leaving Clive hooked up on the gate mark whilst in the leading pack.

Race 5 found Richard taking the win, Alan continuing his consistent run of second places, with John B third.

Final race, Unfortunately Alan had to leave , family duties calling, The race was intended to be 2 laps, at the windward mark it was a close thing with Clive just ahead of Richard, with Dave H and John B close behind, As they approached the spreader, a squall hit the 2 leaders who both broached and ended up tangled together and had to wait until they drifted to the bank to be separated, whilst the other 2 sailed past, giving Dave his first victory with his 95 and John B second and Clive a distant third.

Despite the very tricky wind a very enjoyable afternoon sailing these great boats, with all helms recording at least 1 win each,  just how competitive the sailing was!!

Final standings

  1. Alan Watkinson      9pts   1 win
  2. Clive Warren          12pts  2 wins
  3. John Beech             14pts  1 win
  4. Richard Walker      15pts  1 win
  5. Dave Howard         18pts   1 win
  6. John Carlin (only 1 race sailed)