DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 28/6/23

In an ideal world the wind blows consistently along the pond and the race officer can set a course with an unbiased start line, a satisfying beat to a windward mark, a reach down to a separator at which boats turn onto a downwind leg and sail happy to the leeward gate or mark. Today was not such a day. As we gathered at the pondside we scratched our heads trying to work out the wind direction, while the wind shifted around us, turning beats into runs and back again.

In the face of this wayward wind, it was decided to set a course starting at the clubhouse end, sailing to the far end and rounding the two furthest buoys to port before turning back to a mark at the clubhouse end and finishing halfway up the pond. After a few races the race officer, Dave Williams (who generously acted as RO throughout the racing) added a separator at the clubhouse end. Despite the fluky winds several boats managed consistent performance with Mike de St. Paer taking the honours, followed by Alan Watkinson. The full results after 8 races were:

  1. Mike de St. Paer                          10
  2. Alan Watkinson                           15
  3. Clive Warren                                 17
  4. Jon Whitehead                             21
  5. Andrew Peter                               30
  6. Neil Westbrook                            31
  7. John Carlin                                    32
  8. John Beech                                     47
  9. Paul Little                                       48
  10. Charles Legg                                  53
  11. Martin Whitingham-Jones     54
  12. Frans King                                      55
  13. Dave Warren                                  66
  14. Richard Walker                             83*

* Retired early owing to technical problems