DF/RG65 Summer 2023 #5 (24/6/23)

Six RG65s took part in an enjoyable and often closely fought afternoon of racing across eight two lap races that started at the clubhouse end, saw a beat up to a mark at the far end of the pond to be rounded to port, a nearby spreader also taken to port, and a run down to a single red at the clubhouse end to be taken to port. Owing to the wind direction it was decided to dispense with a downwind gate. For the most part, the course worked as planned but there were a couple races late on in which we found ourselves reaching up to the ‘upwind mark’ and reaching back to the ‘downwind mark’, with some very fluky winds in between. For most of the afternoon the sun shone and the breeze was strong enough to get the boats with their A swing rigs up to a good turn of speed without serious nosediving on the downwind legs. In the end, John Brierley was the runaway winner with Dave Williams to be congratulated on a well earned second place. The results in full are:

  1. John Brierley                    84  Uno                 6 Pts
  2. Dave Williams                  33  Uno               13 Pts
  3. Alan Watkinson               23  Uno               20 Pts
  4. John Carlin                          11  Uno              22 Pts (1 x second)
  5. Charles Legg                     26  Uno              22 Pts
  6. Neil Westbrook                03  Uno              31 Pts