DF/RG65 Summers Series 2023 #3 – 27/5/23

A depleted turnout of only 6 sailors due to illness, Graham competing in France, Martin competing in Lincoln and some off on holidays.  A really good sunny afternoon with a decent wind from the top end of the lake with quite a few shifts to gamble on.

A bad first race for Bill with his battery failing straight after the start enabled John to take his first win closely followed by Alan in second. The next three races were Bills’ with John and Dave fighting over second place. John managed another two wins but the rest of the day went Bills way with another six wins from a closely followed John.

Further down the fleet, Neil and Clive were having their own private battle with Neil eventually coming out on top.

  1. Bill Culshaw          Ivy          11 pts 9wins
  2. John Brierley        Uno         17 pts 3 wins
  3. Alan Watkinson  Uno         29 pts
  4. Dave Williams      Uno         41 pts
  5. Neil Westbrook    Uno         45 pts
  6. Clive Warren         Scuttle   48 pts