RG/DF65 Summer Series 2022 #2 (7/5/22)

What a days sailing today at Birkenhead for the second RG/DF 65 Summer series. Wall to wall sunshine with a steady top suit from the North West (with significant shifts causing a number of snakes and ladder place changes).  With the lake seemingly divided into two wind patterns it was essential to get in the right lane quickly. With just two DF65s, the boats were sailed in some races by young members of Graham Reeves family, and it was good to see there enthusiasm and capabilities.

In the RG class, the racing was being used as a tune up for the National Championships next week in Eastbourne and any small mistakes were certainly pounced upon. In the first race John covering Graham did not focus on Peter who threaded his way through for the win. It was certainly going to be that close all afternoon.

The other races up to the tea break were shared between Martin and Graham and after the break these two had to withdraw for pressing family commitments leaving John to take the afternoon session with 5 of the 6 wins . The racing between the other Unos was very close and great to see Alan having a good first outing with his new boat.  Neil and Charles were also having moments at the sharp end which resulted in a great and close days sailing.

Thanks to Bernie for running the event and Jack for our drinks at the break.

  1. ​John Brierley             84     uno                       18pts   5 wins
  2. Peter Baldwin           63     uno                       21pts    3 wins
  3. Neil Westbrook        03     uno                       38pts
  4. Alan Watkinson        23     scurry                 42pts
  5. Graham Elliott           09    electronica       43pts   3 wins 
  6. Martin Roberts          33    pocket rocket   51pts    1 win
  7. Charles Legg               26    uno                       52pts
  1. Andrew Peter         919          22pts  4 wins
  2. Graham Reeves      187          24pts  1 win
After 12 races