DF65 Social Racing #15 (13/4/22)

Sunshine and 5-10Kt north-west wind greeted the 10 competitors for today’s DF65 racing.  A+ rigs were order of the day with only the occasional gust causing problems on the downwind legs. With the wind blowing straight down the lake, it enabled the full length of the lake to be used with all races going through a gate for the windward marks followed by a run and through a leeward gate then to the finish. For the last 5 races the course was changed slightly to provide a better beat to the finish with the leeward gate being switched for a starboard handed mark.

With the clock ticking for the first start, one (to remain nameless!) competitor decided his transmitter needed a quick wash and dropped it in the lake effectively ending his day before it had even started

Mike looked unbeatable winning the first 3 races and following it up with another 2,1,2. Not content with beating everybody by sailing quickly, he then tried starting over the line, and crashing into various other boats in the subsequent races which put him back down the fleet, but not by enough to stop him winning the day.

John sailed consistently to win a couple of races and a multitude of seconds and thirds to come second overall while Dave managed to get his act in gear after a ropey first 3 races to sail consistently enough to beat a more inconsistent James by a single point for 3rd place.  Thanks to Andrew Potter for being Race Officer today.

Saturday is a combined RG65 and DF65 racing afternoon with a start time of 13:00.

  1. Mike de St Paer   14 pts (4 wins)
  2. John Carlin            17 pts (2 wins)
  3. Dave Williams     21 pts (2 wins)
  4. James Douglas    22 pts (2 wins)
  5. Richard Walker   30 pts
  6. Martin James       37 pts
  7. John Beech            54 pts
  8. Paul Whalley        61 pts
  9. Malcolm Harvey 65 pts
  10. Mister Mystery    RTD ……… to the clubhouse to dry out!