RG/DF65 Winter Series 2021 #4 (22/1/21)

Overcast with a little drizzle in the air at times but the wind was straighter than forecast from the far end.
8 skippers entered the day with a mixture of rigs to begin with, but all ended up in their full height swing rigs by race 3.
A few skippers changed hulls after tea break, Martin swapping his Pocket Rocket for a borrowed Skinny giving him a well deserved win in race 7, Alan also swapped to his Scurry to see if he could improve. Dave Williams had a great second half to the racing and rounded it off with a well deserved win in race 9. The swapping of hulls to trial new things is something we do during club racing with everyone’s blessing and can only strengthen the fleet within the club, by trying out different design and rig combinations.
Race winners on the day were…Graham Elliott (Electronica) 5, Peter Baldwin (Uno) 1, John Brierley (Uno) 2, Martin Roberts (Scurry) 1 and Dave Williams (Uno) 1.
Thanks to Bernie for starting, calling early starters and finishing, of course Jack for making everyone a brew at half time.
  1. Graham Elliott      09          electronica                          11 pts   5 wins
  2. John Brierley         84           Uno                                        16 pts   2 wins
  3. Peter Baldwin       63           Uno                                        23 pts   1 win
  4. Dave Williams       33           Uno                                        33 pts   1 win
  5. Martin Roberts     22           Pocket Rocket/ Skinny  38 pts   1 win
  6. Neil Westbrook     03           uno                                        45 pts   1 x 3rd
  7. Charles Legg          26           Uno                                        45 pts
  8. Alan Watkinson    23           Pocket Rocket                   52 pts
After 10 races