DF65 Social Racing 2022 #4 (26/1/22)

The 17 sailors who turned up this week were greeted by a light a fickle wind from a SSW/SW direction.  Race Officer Richard Walker aided by Neil and Peter set a course of a single windward/leeward lap using most of the lake length.  This typically gave at least one windward(ish) leg , although that could be in either direction.  Peter Baldwin set off with a good initial setup for the conditions, winning the first two races.  There were then different winners in the next four races with Richard Robinson, John Carlin, Neil Westbrook and Alan Watkinson all having their time at the front of the fleet.  Peter then managed wins in races seven and eight (2 laps) to take the overall win.  He was pushed to the very end by Richard Robinson in second and consistent Mike De St Paer in third.

Thanks to Richard for running the racing today, assisted by both the race leaders and latterly by Bernie at the finish. There were some very close and fast finishes as the wind often swung and increased to create a fast downwind finish for over half of the fleet.

  1. Peter Baldwin               63       10pts  4 wins
  2. Richard Robinson     901       14pts   1 win
  3. Mike De St Paer            35       16 pts
  4. John Carlin                      11       30 pts  1 win
  5. Alan Watkinson         373       34 pts  1 win
  6. Andrew Potter            194       36 pts
  7. Andrew Peter              919       37 pts
  8. Neil Westbrook            03       40 pts  1 win
  9. Don McKinnon           933      40 pts
  10. Dave Williams             233      43 pts
  11. Stan Metcalfe                 46     51 pts
  12. Dan Skinner                    27     55 pts
  13. Paul Little                        45     58 pts
  14. Charles Legg                  21       77 pts
  15. John Beech                     80       85 pts
  16. Paul Whalley                 53       87 pts
  17. Malcolm Harvey      1019      97 pts

After 8 races