IOM Winter Series 2021 #2 (15/1/22)

A bright afternoon with the wind from the clubhouse end, met the six competitors in the second IOM Winter series. Alan Watkinson started of strongly with a win and continued to show he had set a perfect trim.

Martin Roberts then got into his stride with 3 wins with the other competitors close behind in the variable but generally stable wind. Charles Legg was having problems with a borrowed boat leaking badly, his new K2 should solve that problem. Bill Culshaw and John Berry were also in the mix at times, then John Brierley managed two wins to round off the six races sailed before tea break. When the competitors came out for the afternoon session, there was – nothing. The wind had disappeared completely and RO Dave Williams after consulting the sailors called time on the days proceedings. Thanks go to Dave and Bernie along with Jack for running the afternoons racing.

  1. Martin Roberts         Vanilla              7 pts    3 wins
  2. John Brierley             Britpop             9 pts    2 wins
  3. Alan Watkinson        Britpop           12 pts    1 win
  4. Bill Culshaw               Britpop           18 pts
  5. John Berry                  Lintel MMX  23 pts
  6. Charles Legg              A2                     30 pts
After 6 races