RG/DF65 Winter series 2021 #3 (8/1/21)

​Well, if we had started one hour earlier we would of all been soaked and sailing in C rig, as it was, we started on time at 12 midday with a medium top suit breeze and no rain all afternoon.

8 RG65 boats entered the race which is a decent turnout, unfortunately we lost Charles Legg and Dave Williams for the last 3 races with gear failure.
7 races completed before tea break with all skippers using there full height, full area A rigs. After the break the wind piped up a little, especially the gusts and everyone either changed down a rig to reduced height but still full area swing or conventional rig. Another 5 races after break gave us a total of 12 races for the day, racing was hotly contested with no one skipper really dominating and not much separating the top 3 positions.
Race winners were, Graham Elliott (7) ELECTRONICA, John Brierley (4) UNO and Peter Baldwin (1) UNO.
Well done to all and thanks once again to Bernie for starting and finishing the fleet.
  1. Graham Elliot           09      electronica           13pts    7 wins
  2. John Brierley            84       uno                          21pts   4 wins
  3. Peter Baldwin          63       uno                           23pts   1win
  4. Martin Roberts        33       pocket rocket       41pts
  5. ​Neil westbrook        03       uno                           50pts
  6. Alan Watkinson       23       pocket rocket      59pts
  7. Dave Williams          33       uno                           64pts
  8. Charles Legg             26       uno                           71pts
After 12 races