DragonForce Winter Series #1 8/1/20

A new year, the start of a new series and a new look to Birkenhead’s lake, for the 10 DF65s today.  Warm and overcast with light winds was the order of the day, with some very close racing, which was reflected in the final scores.
The battle at the pointy end of the fleet was one between John, Neil, Alan and Richard.
John and Neil tied on 16 points with John breaking the tie with 5 firsts to Neil’s 3.  The third and fourth places were even closer with both Alan and Richard tied with one first each and requiring the number of seconds to split the tie in Alan’s favour.  Dave Williams, after using his discards with servo damage, then put some solid races together to finish 5th.  These One Design boats are certainly providing close racing!
With ALL the trees now removed from around the lake, the club starts a new season with enhanced sailing conditions.

  1. John Brierley              16pts     5 x 1sts
  2. Neil Westbrook          16pts     3 x 1sts
  3. Alan Watkinson         29pts     1 x 1st, 3 x 2nds
  4. Richard Robinson     29pts     1 x 1st, 1 x 2nds
  5. Dave Williams            36pts
  6. Mike St Paer                41pts
  7. John Carling                45pts
  8. Dave Pickup                 49pts
  9. Richard Walker          54pts
  10. Chris Weston               69pts

10 races sailed.
Once again big thanks to Ernie for keeping us all in check.

Next Saturday is the third of the IOM winter series, start time 12:00. Wind looks to be from the Gautby Road End, so do come and see how the conditions have improved with the trees no longer there.