DragonForce Summer Series #11 11/09/19

A small turn out for the weekly Wednesday DF65 race, due to sailors travelling (slowly!) to the upcoming RG65 Nationals and the UK National Cycle race trapping people in their homes! Nevertheless, 6 sailors arrived and were faced with the usual dilemma of A or B suits. The majority chose A and racing commenced under the watchful eye of the OOD Ernie.
After about 4 races the general consensus was to change down to B. The trying conditions unfortnately caused electrical failure on the boats of David H and Chris Weston and they had to retire early after 4 and 6 races respectively.
Close racing ensued between John, Andrew and Dave W, with the missing of any wind shift playing a good part in the results. John and Dave had equal points but after discards, John won with a 4 point margin.
10 races were sailed with thanks again to Ernie as OD.
  1.   John Brierley            11 pts
  2.   Dave Williams         15 pts
  3.   Andrew Peter           18 pts
  4.   Richard Walker       26 pts
  5.   Chris Weston            35 pts (6 races sailed)
  6.   David Halstead        58 pts (4 races sailed)