DragonForce Summer Series #12 18/09/19

Another Wednesday short of wind! 9 sailors raced at the start in very light airs but fortunately it increased in strength by the fifth race. Even though John won 5 races it was the consistent results of Kris that gave him the overall win.
10 races were held with thanks again to Ernie for his running of the event.
1st.     Kris Morrow            13 pts
2nd    John Brierley           14 pts
3rd.    Dave Williams        26 pts
4th.    Derek Matthews    33 pts
5th.    Bernie McNulty      34 pts
6th.    Andrew Peter          38 pts
7th.    Richard Robinson  39 pts
8th.    Colin Deakin            59 pts
9th.    David Halstead       65 pts