DragonForce Summer Series #2 10/7/19

The very light variable wind from the Club house end caused the 10 sailors to watch their boats very carefully to be able to gain an advantage. Masters of the conditions today were Neil and Kris who managed 5 wins between them but the ever consistent John took the day.
The highlight of the day was for Chris Weston who completed the 10 races without gear failure.
Thanks to Ernie and Sally for their assistance in running the races.

  1.    John Brierley          15pts
  2.    Kris Morrow           21pts
  3.    Neil Westbrook      27pts. 3 x 1st
  4.    Dave Williams        27pts. 0 x 1st
  5.    Andrew Peter          31pts
  6.    Alan Watkinson     40pts
  7.    Colin Deakin           48pts
  8.    Dave Pickup             52pts
  9.    Richard Walker      57pts
  10.    Chris Weston          79pts

10 races sailed