DragonForce Spring Series #8 22/5/19

Another good turn out with 9 boats competing, light wind from top of lake making A+ the rig to use. John again this week was the person to beat and he was given a hard time but it was his consistency of always being in the top three that made him the deserved winner.

  1.   John Brierley                  7 pts
  2.   Alan Watkinson           14 pts  (2x1st)
  3.   Neil Westbrook            14 pts  (1x1st)
  4.   Dave Williams              15 pts
  5.   Derek Matthews          23 pts
  6.   Richard Walker             28 pts
  7.   Colin Deakin                  29 pts
  8.   Kearon Worthington  43 pts
  9.   Chris  Weston                 53 pts

9 Races sailed