Winter Series are Complete – Summer Series Start on 13th April

All of the 2023/4 Winter Series are now complete and the overall results for each class are currently shown on the Current Standings page.  When at least a couple of events for each class are completed in the Summer series for 2024, these results will be moved to a dedicated page and link for 2023 in the Results Tab.  The podium positions for each class and the attendance numbers are as follows:

IOM Winter 2023/4

  1. Brad Gibson        Post Punk    300    pts
  2. Graham Elliott   Britpop!       270.3 pts
  3. Alan Bennett       Britpop!       210.9 pts

RG65 Winter 2023/4

  1. Alan Bennett        Ivy          300    pts
  2. John Brierley       Uno        283.9 pts
  3. Bill Culshaw         Ivy         230.7  pts

DF65 Winter 2023/4

  1. Clive Warren      101     pts
  2. Jon Whitehead  100    pts
  3. Tony Sedgwick   50.5 pts

DF95 Winter 2023/4

  1. John Brierley    282.8  pts
  2. Peter Baldwin   282     pts
  3. Martin Roberts 265.5 pts