DF65 Social Racing #8 (21/10/20)

Another day of light airs at Gautby Road Lake,  with a very light SE breeze to start the day.  10 sailors raced, with a couple of new DF65 sailors practising on the far bank.
Richard Robinson won the day again, with 2 race wins, from John Carlin in second with 4 race wins, and Neil Westbrook in third with 1 race win. The points were extremely close, showing that consistency is the name of the game.   Sally,  Andrew and Don had a race win each.
The wind shifted through 180 degrees for the last 2 races, so the course was reversed, and a strong NNW breeze gave us a 2 lap race to finish the day.
Thanks go to Stan Metcalf who acted as RO for the day.
  1. Richard Robinson     01    17 pts
  2.  John Carlin                  11     18 pts
  3. Neil Westbrook          03    20 pts
  4. Sally Collings           829    31 pts
  5.  Andrew Peter             19    37 pts
  6. Mike De St Paer          35   39 pts
  7. Don Mackinnon       933   48 pts
  8. Richard Walker          39    52 pts
  9. Derek Matthews         57    53 pts
  10. Charles Legg                21    64 pts
Please note that all subsequent Wednesday racing and social sailing will be subject to pre-booking, via the Club Website, as per the Saturday Races. Go to the Upcoming events list or the Clubs’ Calendar Page, click on the Race Day you want to enter, and complete the entry details. This is to comply with the latest ‘Tier 3’ Covid restrictions, and provide Track & Trace.

DF65 Saturday Social Racing #1

A very light NW breeze greeted 8 intrepid “ Tier 3 “ sailors for our first
DF65 Saturday Race.  A Plus rigs were the order of the day, and with it being anyone’s guess which way the slight puffs of wind would come from, the score sheet was variable – just like the breeze.
Richard Robinson won the day – but only 1 race, Mike de St Paer came second with 3 wins, Sally was third with no wins, but obviously sailing consistently well for a podium place. Andrew had 2 wins for a fourth, and then everyone else – Dave, Derek, John and Charles enjoyed a win each.  Thanks to Bernie for running another afternoon of club racing.

  1. Richard Robinson     01         19pts     1 win
  2. Mike De St Pear         35         22pts     3 wins
  3. Sally Collings           829        25pts
  4. Andrew Peter           919         27pts     2 wins
  5. Dave Williams         233         33pts      1 win
  6. Derek Mathews         57         37pts      1 win
  7. John Carlin                  11          41pts      1 win
  8. Charles Legg              42         42pts      1 win

After 10 races

DF65 Social Racing #5 23/9/20

Light wind and rain at the start of the Wednesday race the wind from the top end of the lake. 6 sailors, but unfortunately Don had transmitter/receiver problems from the start so elected to act as RO. Due to the wind, a short course was sailed but later with the wind filling , the final few races used the full extent of the lake. 10 races were held with race wins going to Richard, John and Dave. Close finishes seem to be the order of the day with fractions of an inch (centimetres) separating the boats. The day went to Richard with his six wins.

  1. Richard Robinson   11 Pts
  2. Dave Williams          16 pts
  3. Neil Westbrook        19 pts
  4. John Carlin                25 pts
  5. Malcolm Harvey     40 pts

Thanks again to Don Mackinnon for being RO.

DF65 Social Racing #4 16/9/20

6 members took part in the usual Wednesday Social race. With a very light A+ wind from the clubhouse end Sally showed her skill in mastering the conditions and took three wins but was pushed hard by Mike de St Paer. John Carlin missed the first few races drying out his transmitter after a involuntary dunking! With the wind now increasing the lead changed with John and Mike taking two wins each. The results could have been so different if Derek had not been so keen with his three recalls. Chris was consistently third and will be a sailor to watch in future. This was Barry’s first race and has now certainly got the bug thanks to Charles’s tuition.

  1. Mike de St Paer    12pts
  2. Sally Collings       17pts. 3 x 1sts
  3. Derek Matthews  17pts. 1 x 1st
  4. Chris Weston        22pts
  5. John Carlin             23pts
  6. Barry                         33pts

DF65 Social Racing #3 9/9/20

Another very pleasant sailing day, sunny with a fresh WNW 15 – 20 mph breeze straight down the lake, made ‘ A’ rigs the order of the day. Ten sailors attended, with guest sailor Dorian Crease, from Two Islands Club in Milton Keynes, showing us all how to do it – by coming 1st. overall today ! It was very close racing all day.

The top three placed sailors were all on equal points before discards, and only separated by one point finally. The other podium places were decided on count-back, giving Richard Robinson 2nd place with 3 x 1st’s, and Alan Watkinson 3rd place with 2 x 1st’s. The chasing pack saw Andrew Peter in 4th, with 4 x 2nd’s and Mike de St Paer in 5th with 1 x win.

Thanks to RO Dave Williams who managed to keep us all in line, apart from one General Recall..

  1. Dorian Crease                683   18pts  3x1st
  2. Richard Robinson           01    19pts  3x1st
  3. Alan Watkinson             373    19pts  2x1st
  4. Andrew Peter                  919    22pts
  5. Mike de St Paer                35    33pts  1x1st
  6. Derek Matthews              57   40pts
  7. John Carlin                         11    58pts
  8. Chris Weston                  194   60pts
  9. David Potter                    946  62pts 1x1st
  10. Malcolm Harvey           1019  71pts

Other points of interest for the day were Charles Legg – on the Far Side, tutoring newcomer Barry, who intends now to join us racing from next week. Dave Potter dipping out after 4 races ( and 1 win ) to show us how fast his foiling catamaran can sail, and Graham Reeves brought along his Vane 36 to try out a brand new 3D laser printed Vane Gear. [ Back to the Future ?]





Also … Future Dates may be subject to increased Covid restrictions – please keep checking the Club Website for any additional restrictions.


DF65 Social Racing #2 2/9/20

The wind before the start of racing raised questions on which rig to use and the general view is that A+ should be used although there were a number of gusts passing down the lake from the East.  By the time we started racing however, the wind had dropped as the rain started.  The course of 2 beats for half of the lake proved to be plenty long enough and only allowed for 7 races to be completed with the strength of the wind.  The first race was won by Dave Williams in a close finish with Sally Collings. Having run Race 1, Peter Baldwin, then took wins in Races 2, 3, 5 and 7, with Richard Walker taking Race 4 and Sally Collings taking race 6. After suffering electrical problems between Races 1 and 2, Don Mackinnon offered to run the remaining races.  Results have therefore been calculated based upon an average of any race undertaken.

  1. Peter Baldwin       63       7.2pts
  2. Sally Collings      829      16pts
  3. Dave Williams     233      18pts
  4. Derek Matthews   57      24pts
  5. Alan Watkinson  373      25pts
  6. Richard Walker      39     27pts
  7. Don Mackinnon   933     30pts
  8. Charles Legg             21     39.6pts
  9. Colin Deakin            93      40pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey   1019    46pts