DF65 Social Racing 2021 #30 (8/12/21)

With Storm Barra blowing vigorously along the pond, sailing was never going to be easy. Add driving rain and freezing cold and you have to admire the fortitude of those who stuck it out for 8 races. C-rigs were the order of the day; those who tried to sail with B-rigs were cruelly punished in the gusts, leaving 5 intrepid skippers braving the elements for all eight, single lap, races. On the positive side, it was possible to set a course taking in most of the length of the pond. Thanks go to Charles Legg for braving the elements and keeping order as Race Officer.

  1. Richard Robinson    01      9 pts   4 wins
  2. David Williams       233     11 pts   2 wins 1×4
  3. Neil Westbrook         03     11 pts   2 wins 0x4
  4. Sally Collings          829    20 pts
  5. John Carlin                  11     22 pts

DF65 Social Racing #29 (1/12/21)

A cold wet day greeted the 11 skippers with the only consolation that the wind had dropped to a level that could be sailed without damage. The wind was straight down the lake with an occasional gust, ‘B’ suit was decided upon. Our eagle eyed Sally on the start line kept early starters to a minimum. Thanks must go to OD Sally and to Charles for finish line duties. 8 races were held.

  1. John Brierley               8pts 5 wins
  2. John Carlin                 16 pts 2wins
  3. Richard Robinson   19 pts 1win
  4. Mike de St Paer        24 pts
  5. James Douglas          31 pts
  6. Derek Matthews      33 pts
  7. David Williams        38 pts
  8. Neil Westbrook        40 pts
  9. Don MacKinnon       41 pts
  10. Richard Walker         43 pts
  11. Simon Bates               48 pts

DF65 Social Racing #28 (24/11/21)

A very light wind caused our OD Neil to set a course of a single lap using half the lake. James found the tricky wind conditions to his liking and put in four firsts and three seconds. The hard luck of the day was for Don MacKinnon who’s servo packed up before the first race. After a replacement was found he came in with a second place. Thanks again to Neil for his OD patience, putting on 9 races.

  1. James Douglas           10 pts (4 firsts)
  2. Richard Robinson     15 pts (3 firsts)
  3. John Carlin                  25 pts.(1 first)
  4. Derek Matthews       29 pts
  5. Mike de St Paer          31 pts
  6. David Williams          33 pts
  7. Simon Bates                39 pts (1 win)
  8. Richard Walker          51 pts
  9. Stan Metcalf                53 pts 1 x 2nd
  10. Charles Legg                53 pts 0 x 2nd
  11. Sally Collings               70 pts
  12. Don Mackinnon          74 pts
  13. Paul Little                      76 pts

DF65 Social Racing #27 (17/11/21)

A brisk WNW breeze, blustery but dry, saw 16 sailors arrive for another well attended and exciting mid-week DF65 race. ‘A’ Rigs were in order, to contend with some big gusts to start the day, moderating slightly then steadying for the final two lap race,with 10 races completed overall. Don MacKinnon did us proud as self- elected Race Officer for the day, and as the scores show, it was a very closely contested day’s racing, which is proving to be the case for most Wednesday races, as the skill levels of newer members improve.

Birkenhead Radio Sailing Club was also well represented at the national DF65 & DF95 TT circuit event at West Lancs YC in Southport last weekend, with 9 BRSC members competing at the event, fielding more members than any other MYA Club for the final event of the year, with 3 BRSC members finishing in the Top Ten overall results for 2021. Full results are available at https://dfracinguk.com/

Today’s Results

  1. John Brierley              84    12 pts 4 wins
  2. Mike de St Paer         35     21 pts 3 wins
  3. John Carlin                  11      34 pts 1 win
  4. Neil Westbrook         03     35 pts
  5. Andrew Peter             19     36 pts 1 win
  6. James Douglas           73     40 pts
  7. Simon Bates               69     41 pts 1 win
  8. Alan Watkinson     373      48 pts
  9. Dave Williams        233      52 pts
  10. Richard Walker        39      79 pts
  11. Stan Metcalfe           46      85 pts
  12. Paul Little                  45      88 pts
  13. Sally Collings         829      93 pts
  14. Paul Whalley             53     111 pts
  15. Malcolm Harvey  1019     115 pts

DF65 Social Racing #26 (10/11/21)

Eight DF65 sailors arrived to sail in light drizzle and next to no wind. After deciding there were enough takers the OD Mike de St Paer set a short windward leeward course using some of the marks from Saturday’s IOM event, (but not necessarily in the right order).

The breeze filled in just enough to get the boats moving, and with finding the wind and avoiding the holes the racing was surprisingly close with much place swapping.

Richard Robinson was the man to catch, with five wins from eight races. Enthusiasm waned at race eight and it was agreed to call it a day after a challenging couple of hours racing.

  1. Richard Robinson   7 points (5 wins)
  2. Don MacKinnon     13 points (2 Wins)
  3. Richard Walker      25 points
  4. Derek Mathews      34 points (1 win)
  5. David Williams       35 points
  6. Charles Legg            36 points
  7. Alan Watkinson      39 points
  8. Paul Little                  44 points

DF65 Social Racing #25 (3/11/21)

Thirteen sailors were greeted with a larger lake than normal due to the overflow being blocked, now sorted by Neil. The wind from the top factory corner was mostly light with the occasional strong gust. Paul Little our OD set a long course with the windward mark causing a few ‘SpecSaver’ moments for several skippers, turning before the mark. Paul manage to give us ten races with the final being a two laps. The Wednesday racing is very closely competitive, as seen by today where we had seven different winners. Thanks again to Paul for the running of the races.

  1. Mike De St Paer           20 pts 2 wins
  2. James Douglas             23 pts 1 win
  3. Richard Robinson       28 pts 2 wins
  4. Derek Matthews          30 pts 2wins
  5. Simon Bates                   33 pts 1 win
  6. Neil Westbrook             34 pts 1 win
  7. John Carlin                     35 pts 1 win
  8. Dave Williams               47 pts 9th.
  9. Richard Walker            65 pts
  10. Stan Metcalf                  72 pts
  11. Sally Collings                74 pts
  12. Malcolm Harvey          88 pts
  13. Paul Whalley                 94 pts