DF65 & DF95 Socal Sailing – 12/6/24

There seemed to be a promising middle to top end A+ breeze when we arrived at 10:15, although nothing like a summers day, requiring fleeces and coats on all morning.  At least the wind was still from (generally) WNW and so the course from Saturday sufficed and enabled us to get started soon after 11:00, although without Peter and visitor Andy Dines whilst they sorted Andy’s boat and A+ rig out, with Dave Williams running the first race and a plan for everyone to run a race each.

Andrew Potter had a storming first race  and led by a good margin at the finish.  In the second, James Douglas took the win, hotly pursued by John Carlin, Clive Warren and Paul Plested for a very close finish.  Peter ran this second race, only for Dave to lose his steering and end his day.  We therefore changed to Dave acting as RO for the rest of the morning and Peter discarding his first two (unsailed) races.

Peter then took the next four races, albeit with some luck in the shifty conditions coming into the finish.  Jon Whitehead then won race 7 and Alan Watkinson, race 8.  Clive got the win in race 9 with James roundong out the day with a second and final win.

Peter took the morning with his clutch of wins, but Paul placed second after a consistent morning with only one result outside the top 4 and of course no win.  Jon was third with another (relatively) consistent set of results, which were hard to achieve in the conditions.

Overall some very close racing this morning with boats separated on the finish line by only inches at times especially at the front of the fleet and wins spread around 66% of the fleet.

  1. Peter Baldwin             63  18pts  4 wins
  2. Paul Plested                 54  22pts
  3. Jon Whitehead           771  27pts  1 win
  4. Clive Warren                 53  33pts 1 win
  5. Alan Watkinson         373  34pts 1 win
  6. James Douglas              73  35pts 2 wins
  7. Andrew Potter             194  38pts 1 win
  8. Andy Dines                     36  58pts
  9. Malcolm Harvey       1019  68pts

There wasn’t much enthusiasm for 95 sailing after lunch with limited numbers.  Peter and Clive used the opportunity to replace the anchor warps on the final 5 marks which weer being coated in weed growth.