IOM Summer series #3 – 8/6/24

Superb conditions for IOM Round 3

A smaller than usual number of skippers arrived to a solid predicted WNW wind that aside from one or two lighter moments, called for B rigs for the days racing.

PRO Dave Williams, assisted by Neil Westbrook had our 10 skippers under way on time at 1 pm. Graham Elliott came out of the blocks at pace taking race one with some crafty shift sailing in a comfortable B rig that had a few shifts for all to think about on the approach to the windward mark and spreader.

 With time alloacted for all skippers to sort their trims, helped by our fleets more experienced heads sharing their knowledge to get all up to pace our race team set about firing a solid 5 more races before a break in the clubhouse. 

At the break, Brad had enjoyed the conditions to put some solid races in. Both Peter Baldwin and Graham Elliott were ticking off consistent scores with both Alan Watkinson and new addition to our IOM fleet Ian Davies scoring a solid 4th place apiece. 

With a break and some checks over rigging and tune complete, it was more of the same for another 6 races. After slow starts bothh Andrea and Martin Roberts found the form they are known for with some solid scores, with Martin in particular warming to his  new to him design.

The afternoon session racing was close with a missed shift often being the difference among the front group. All can say they had their strong moments but just as good racing should be, it was those that got the better of the fine margin moments with smart sailing that scored well in the end.

In the wash up it was Brad who took the win from Graham, with Peter recording a strong day for 3rd.

A very special mention from the day goes to George Bennett who at nine years of age showed some excellent form. George was sailing the TS2 design and as the day progressed, narrowed the margin on the leading group to such an extent that he was mixing it up regularly at a number of mark roundings. 

Certainly one to watch as we go forward and great to have you with us George!

Our next IOM Summer series round is on the 6th of July and being the week prior to the 2 day Fleetwood Ranking, we welcome anyone looking to get in a solid days practice against one of the countries premier IOM fleets.

Entry can be made at https://birkenheadrspc.co.uk/iom-summer-2024-4/

  1. Brad Gibson                 42  Post PUNK  11pts
  2. Graham Elliott            09  Britpop!       23pts
  3. Peter Baldwin              63  Britpop!       35pts
  4. Martin Roberts            12  K2                   43pts
  5. Alan Bennett               180  Britpop!      49pts  2x2nd
  6. Andrea Roberts            27  Britpop!      49pts  1x2nd
  7. Bill Culshaw                  21  Britpop!       56pts
  8. Ian Davies                      33  Britpop!       75pts
  9. Alan Watkinson           23  Britpop!      76pts
  10. George Bennett            17  TS2                86pts