DF65 Social Racing 2024 – 31/1/24

A little bit of a surprise with the results today, such that the author and scorer had to treble check!

Today was a day when you think “I should have stayed in bed”, but thirteen keen sailors arrived, including a visitor (Olly) from Fleetwood sampling our tricky conditions. The wind was coming over the houses but not consistently, at times A+ was not enough then a long strong gust would appear and flatten the boats.

The usual course was sailed, starting at the Club house up to a port rounding of the windward mark, port around the spreader down through the gate to the finish halfway up the lake. Planning a good start was difficult with many boats caught out due to the sudden light wind patches. Those that planned it right were more or less able to make the windward mark on one tack due to some very good lifts. The final leg from the gate to the finish was the most difficult part of the course with many good finishing positions suddenly disappearing.

Twelve races were held with each skipper managing a RO. The racing was very close throughout the fleet no more than on the finish line with boats within centimetres of each other.

  1. Dave Williams              13pts 4wins
  2. Neil Westbrook            16pts 3wins
  3. John Carlin                     19pts 1win
  4. Clive Warren                 21pts 2wins
  5. Alan Watkinson           25pts
  6. Olly Murray                   36pts
  7. Don MacKinnon          46pts
  8. Simon Bates                  48pts
  9. Sally Collings                61pts
  10. Paul Little                      64pts
  11. John Beech                    72pts
  12. Frans King                     73pts
  13. Paul Plested                  92pts