DF65 & DF95 Social racing 2023 – 25/10/23

The DF fleet arrived to a more or less flat calm, and there was some discussion about whether racing could take place. As so often happems, while this was going on a slight breeze from the far end appeared, and after a short delay there was enough to get round the course.

Although the breeze remained patchy to say the least, there was some very good racing all across the fleet.

After 5 races it went completely flat again and it was agreed that the day was over.

There were 4 winners out of 5 races, with Clive winning 2, but James Douglas ran out the overall winner with no race wins but a string of seconds.

The next 4 boats were covered by 2 points with final positions as shown below.

Many thanks to Dave who once again ran all the racing.

Final Positions were:

  1. James Douglas               8 pts
  2. John Carlin                     10 pts           1 win
  3. Clive Warren                  11 pts           2 wins
  4. Alan Watkinson            12 pts           1 win
  5. Mike de St Paer             12 pts           1 Win
  6. Neil Westbrook             21 pts
  7. Richard Walker             29 pts
  8. John Beech                      30pts
  9. Dave Howard                  35 pts
  10. Frans King                       36 pts
  11. Malcolm Harvey           39 pts

DF95 Social Racing

Following on from the morning DF65 sailing 7 skippers stayed behind to partake in the DF95 sailing. The wind was very similar to the morning with it generally coming down the lake but also swinging through 45deg making it difficult for the helms. Picking the right shifts to take was paramount. A slightly extended lunch was taken to allow the breeze to fill in for the first race. Richard Walker had a slight advantage by using a very unofficial A+ rig. It was really interesting to monitor the performance of the larger rig, which was approx 20% bigger than the standard A rig. As there were only seven boats Clive oversaw the start sequence and the first over the line recorded the finishing places. The same course as the morning was used and single lap races were the order of the day, due to lack of wind and to attempt to get 6 races completed
As expected the “A+rig” was too much of an advantage and Richard won every  race except the last which he didn’t start, Clive was very consistent finishing with 5 second places and the remainder of the places were closely fought by the rest of the field with Alan finishing in 3rd
thanks to a first place in the last race
The Photo attached shows the A+Rig (numberless sail) in the foreground
Final Standings:
  1. Richard Walker         72    5pts  (A+ rig)
  2. Clive Warren              93  10pts
  3. Alan Watkinson        23  16pts
  4. John Beech               288  18pts
  5. Malcolm Harvey  2019 21pts
  6. Frans King                  59  26pts
  7. Dave Howard             00  29pts