Vintage/Open Sailing Day – 26/8/23

A very enjoyable and successful Open Day, with an amazing variety of boats, many of which we managed to sail, some with radio control and others free sailing.

Apart from a single shower, the weather and wind was very fair, a westerly force 2 increasing to a steady 3-4 by late afternoon, giving great conditions for the free sailing boats.  Peter Schofield’s beautiful ‘twin’ 10 tonner Cutters looking and sailing magnificently.  Bill and David’s veteran R10 Raters and Andrew’s RA also made for an impressive sight on the water, and Peter’s A Class had more than one outing on the lake, and then a session in the measuring tank.

With such a variety of boats to view, rig, sail, discuss and measure, it made for a very hectic and extremely enjoyable days sailing.

A big thank you to Peter Schofield from the VMYG Vintage Group who travelled in convoy from Sawley with his extended family of 7, all of whom were required on duty to attend to his free sailing yachts. Graham Reeves grandchildren also added to the fun with two DF65’s on the water.

It was wonderful to see our lake being used for such a wide variety of sailing craft, especially the Free Sailing yachts, for which the lake was originally built.  Everyone who attended expressed their delight in such an enjoyable day, and some wanted to see more Open Days for ‘mixed fleet’ and maybe even ‘ handicap’ racing events. Let us not forget that BRSC lake and clubhouse do offer a great venue for freshwater Model Yacht Sailing
which few other venues can better.

The following boats were sailed during the day:

A Class – Peter Schofield – Free / Radio
A Class – Andrew Peter – Radio

10 Rater – Peter Schofield – Free sailing
10 Rater – Bill Culshaw – RC
10 Rater – Dave Williams – RC
10 Rater – Andrew Peter – display, for restoration

10 T Cutter – Peter Schofield – Free Sailing
10 T Cutter – Peter Schofield – Free Sailing

42” Sloop – One design – RC – Dave Williams
IOM Triple Crown – RC – Andrew Peter

24” Triang Tinplate Cutter – Free sailing – Peter Schofield & family
24” Keil Craft Clockwork Vintage Speedboat – Peter Schofield & fa mily – display only.

2x DF65 – RC – sailed by Graham Reeves & family

Peter Schofield took a number of photos during the day (some of them used above) and the full set are available on this following Flikr Album