DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 30/8/23

This week there was a good A suit breeze down the lake for the 10 sailors that started the first race.  Unfortunately Andrew Potter had to drop out of the first race with winch failure and with other problems abandoned his sailing for the morning.  The remaining 9 sailed 9 races in a breeze that went from hardly moving the boats through to full bow down nose dives on the run with some big shifts that could catch the unwary out.  Peter moved the marks around to give a good windward leeward course whilst Dave found him a spare rig – thanks Dave!.  In his rush to leave home he only had the A+ rig attached to his boat.  Racing got underway soon after 11:00.  Peter and Mike slugged it out for the top spot with 3 firsts each and good performances from Sally, Richard and Alan all taking a first place.  Mike took first place partly due to Peter’s rudder servo going at the end of race 8 and then missing race 9.  Peter held onto second with Sally a creditable third only a few weeks into sailing again after a long lay-off.

  1. Mike de St  Paer                            9pts 3 firsts
  2. Peter Baldwin                               10pts 3 firsts
  3. Sally Collings                                16pts 1 first
  4. Richard Walker                            19pts 1 first
  5. Dave Williams                              22pts
  6. Alan Watkinson                           23pts 1 first
  7. John Beech                                     27pts
  8. Martin Whittington Jones      39pts
  9. Dave Howard                                48pts

9 races held, Andrew Potter dropped out of first race due to winch failure.