DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 5/4/23

Light winds from the Clubhouse end the ten sailors with no discussion required, opted for A+ rigs. Racing started as usual at 11am with each competitor dropping out in turn to be Race officer. The first two races were taken by Simon and James who battled with each other throughout the series, ending before discards one point apart. Neil with his consistency of seconds and thirds took second place honours but the overall winner was John C with a string of four wins even after mooring his boat on one of the gate marks.

Racing was halted after 10 races due to the arrival of the lorry from the Parks & Gardens Department to collect the rubbish behind the Clubhouse.

1st       John Carlin            12pts 4 wins
2nd     Neil Westbrook   17pts. 1 win
3rd      Alan Watkinson  18pts. 2 wins
4th      Simon Bates         19pts. 1 win
5th       James Douglas.   23pts 2 wins
6th      Dave Williams     30pts
7th      Richard Walker    31pts
8th      Charles Legg         41pts
9th      Stan Metcalf          53pts
10th     John Beech            54pts