DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 29/3/23

A dry day with varying wind strength from the Clubhouse end. The fifteen keen sailors opted to use the A+ rig even though it was near the limit. Peter donned the waders and moved the marks to give an even start and a decent beat & run. Racing was very close at the sharp end with four wins a piece for Peter and John C with Clive and Andrew taking one each. The strong gusts felt on the downwind leg caused most boats to bury bows and to pirouette, probably losing many places trying to regain control. Ten races were completed with the final being the usual two laps.

  1. Peter Baldwin          11.4 pts 4 wins
  2. John Carlin               16 pts 4 wins
  3. James Douglas        26 pts
  4. Andrew Peter          26.2 pts 1 win
  5. Neil Westbrook      35.4 pts
  6. Richard Walker       49 pts
  7. Dave Williams         49.1 pts
  8. Paul Little                 58.2 pts
  9. Alan Watkinson     61.7 pts
  10. Stan Metcalf            67.4 pts
  11. Clive Warren            69.7 pts 1 win
  12. Simon Bates             81 pts
  13. Frans King                81.1 pts
  14. Charles Legg            84 pts
  15. John Beech                88 pts

Average scores had to be used due to five members not being able to be RO.