IOM Winter Series 2022/3 #5 (4/2/23)

There was only a very light breeze from over the houses today, with some occasional pressure, but also some holes.  A course was setup starting from the far end with a windward mark and spreader at the clubhouse end and a gate on the far side below the start.  Boats usually had to tack to make the Windward mark, but it was never too clear cut which was the favoured way there.

Graham Elliott set the initial pace with a win in Race 1, before Brad Gibson took races 2 and 3.  Martin Roberts then got the measure of the conditions and picked up races 4 and 5 before Neil Westbrook had a storming first leg, and along with Brad pulling out a big lead on the fleet. This culminated in a final leg tackle with Brad with Neil’s Widget getting the win over the TS2.

After a tea break (thanks Bernie), there seemed to be a little more pressure when we resumed, but hopes of a better breeze were dashed, with little more for the remaining races after that initial burst.  In the final four races Brad took races 7 and 10 with Martin picking up the wins in races 8 and 9.  There was some close competition through the fleet and some place changes possible if the wind filled in from the rear, although it usually seemed to favour those who were in front from the start.

The final podium places were Brad first with 13 pts, then Martin and Graham tied on 16 pts, with Martin picking up second on account of his four wins relative to Graham having only one.  Thanks once again go to Dave Williams for running the racing this week and taking a few photos of the, err action??

  1. Brad Gibson            17  TS2                    13pts
  2. Martin Roberts      55  Widget            16pts (4 wins)
  3. Graham Elliott       70  Fractel             16pts (1 win)
  4. Bill Culshaw            21   Britpop!          30pts
  5. Peter Baldwin        63  Britpop!           37 pts
  6. Neil Westbrook      03  Widget            42 pts
  7. John Berry               123  Lintel MMX 52 pts
  8. Alan Watkinson      23  Britpop!         56 pts