DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 1/2/23

After weeks of A and A+ sailing, today made up for it with a strong wind blowing straight down the lake to the clubhouse end. Due to several sailors not having C rig it was decided to try B which was okay apart from the downwind leg. The usual one lap course was laid with racing starting soon after 11.00am. Alan got into his stride straight away taking the first three races with Richard revelling in these conditions and giving him a hard time.

During the fifth race the wind strength picked up making it advisable to change down to C rig. Unfortunately, we lost 4 competitors for the rest of the races so the results are a little artificial. Those four then helped with the pipe lagging which the Club is grateful.

Thanks to Clive for acting as RO for the last five races out of 10.

  1. Alan Watkinson     9 pts 7 wins
  2. Richard Walker    20 pts
  3. John Carlin             21 pts 1 win
  4. Dave Williams       24 pts 1 win
  5. John Beech              50 pts
  6. Charles Legg           54 pts
  7. Frans King               55 pts
  8. James Douglas       60 pts
  9. Clive Warren           65 pts
  10. Paul Little                72 pts 1 win
  11. Simon Bates            76 pts

After a dinner break, 5 DF95’s under the watchful eye of Richard completed 5 races all using B rig.

  1. Clive Warren 6 pts 3 wins
  2. Alan Watkinson 8 pts
  3. Dave Williams 9 pts 2 wins
  4. John Carlin 14 pts
  5. John Beech 16 pts